The Time the Chinese New Year and the Super Bowl Fell on the Same Weekend

Super Bowl 2014, image courtesy of
Super Bowl 2014, image courtesy of

This weekend has been quite extraordinary for people living in the Tri-State-Area. Not only is it the weekend of the XLVIII (for all of you who are like me and Latin numeral illiterate: 48th) Super Bowl. Which by itself should be a reason for all of those New Jersey and Long Island people to prepare travel plans to all the random nonexistent sports bars in the city. No, it’s the 48th Super Bowl AND it’s carried out right around the corner. New Jersey’s brand new Metlife Stadium is certainly experiencing one helluva spotlight shining on its freshly lacquered roofs by hosting this year’s NFL event.

Rumors of New Jersey and New York residents renting out their $3,000/month shoeboxes aka apartments for three times the amount during one single week amidst the Super Bowl extravaganza have been circulating through the radio. And of course the NJ Transit and LIRR have exceeded themselves by making public transport available on a normal schedule this Sunday. Excited families, drunken 20 somethings, and costumized subway riders – I was able to take in the full experience of what it means to have an event of such popularity take place in clear vicinity. Not only was I able to spot more than one green and white puking patron in the overpopulated bars throughout Brooklyn (heck, I wonder how crowded Manhattan looked? ) but I’ve got to box my way through beehived store fronts and take in the magic of happy foreigners throughout Chelsea. Of course you can have all of these occurrences happen on any given weekend here in the city.

My point is clearly this: New York is excited, New Jersey is excited, the entire US is excited and a few Asians and Europeans are excited. Excitement is seeping through every hole, crack, and pore of New York and it is becoming contagious. Streets, buildings, lamp posts – everything is shining in a newer and brighter light. Times Square, a madness in itself, has become the epitome of ultimate attraction for every visitor during this overcrowded weekend. What we usually see during the New Year Eve’s ball drop has now manifested itself in the beginning of February.

Lunar Parade in Chinatown
Lunar Parade in Chinatown

But then, let’s not focus on the Super Bowl by itself. There is always more than just one big thing going on any given weekend here. It also happens to be the beginning of a new year: The Lunar Calendar welcomed the Chinese Year of the Horse and hosted its annual Chinese Parade in, where else could it be, Manhattan’s Chinatown. More on the craziness going on during this parade can be read in my 2012 recap. I’m sure nothing much has changed in between then and now. Except for that perhaps a different elderly lady was stuck in the horrendous masses. Or that even more cakes were sold to the ignorant bystanders.

Is this a crowd or is this a crowd?
Is this a crowd or is this a crowd?

To highlight these thoughts once more: Super Bowl AND the Chinese New Year all at once – could it be any better? Now let’s hit that football way over the top and see how the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks perform. Any team you’re rooting for? Or if you’re like me and don’t really care about all the hype – will you be watching at home or joining the local booze club? My plans are to go watch the game at a hopefully bearably crowded bar in Williamsburg and see if I can make it through the end.

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