ONE – One Planet One Future Exhibit in the West Village


A few weeks ago I got to check out an amazingly inspiring exhibit in Manhattan. ONE – one planet one future deals with all of what its name implies. This exhibition is one of a kind and unfortunately also one of the fewer ones found throughout the city that point out an important topic affecting each and every one of us today. Read More »

Taking Advantage of Free Events: Dance and Music Time in the Big Apple

After listing extensively a few free options and events happening in New York (see more here, here, and here), I’ve decided to finally devote some of my time this week to check a few of these items off my list.

1) Free Sunset Salsa on the Hudson

sunset salsa

Our first adventure was when doing Sunset Salsa with Talia on the Hudson Riverfront. Read More »

Tasty Delights: Italian Food in New York

Let me tell you something about Italian food in New York. If you want to eat decent, if you want to eat authentic, if you want to experience the ultimate highlight in taste, then avoid Little Italy! At least the one in Manhattan. Disregard those tourist tips you find in New York in your Pocket or NFT (Not For Tourists). This is a simple rule and easy to follow.

Last week my friend took me out to the West Village. Now the West Village can have some really awesome food, as I already told you about Diablo Royale (go here to read post). The Italian counterpart to this tasty delight would be a hidden gem called L’Artusi – a restaurant with top-notch service and absolutely unique creations.

We dropped by on Wednesday, just us two people, no reservation, just popping in after a long day at work. My friend had already warned me that this place tends to attract the snobbish, rich upper-class of the Hamptons. And, fair enough, I didn’t see too many representable New Yorkers in this joint. More of the thoroughly dressed, over-styled, perfectly trimmed-and-manicured-nails kind of crowd. So in short, the crowd was too much for New York and easily recognizable as the Hampton people. However, they can have taste, these Hampton folks. And L’Artusi is surely going to challenge your taste buds, even if you don’t believe it. At first we started out with a nice glass of a 2006 Savuto. We then went ahead and ordered a roasted beets appetizer and a side dish of brussels sprouts to start with. Our main entrees consisted both of pasta, but in different variations: I chose filled pockets of tortellini with squash while my friend took the special of the day evening, which was truffle fettuccine.

Despite us having to wait a teeny bit too long for our food (I think at least ten minutes too much for my taste), the food was absolutely stunning. And to give L’Artusi some credit, the restaurant was crowded at this point in time. They have an open cooking area in the back of the restaurant, in case you really want to see how your meal is prepared.

Best Brussels Sprouts Ever!
Pasta filled with squash
Truffle dish
Tiramisu seduction

So my favorite part about the appetizer was the brussels sprouts dish. Crisply cooked in a garlic-sauce, peppered up with pecorino cheese on top. The main dishes were equally appealing: My squash in the pasta pockets melted in my mouth! And the dessert, a tiramisu, which we shared, was the right roundup for both of us after a culinary feast like this! It had just the right level of sweetness and was freshly made, convincing us both that it had indeed been the best option of the night. So don’t let the small dishes fool you, you can feel full after those in no time.
The prices might be a bit steep, with 16 to 28 dollars just for an entree (which is actually not too bad for Manhattan). You could use this restaurant for a special treat for yourself or an anniversary dinner. Unless you come from the Hamptons, then you can snag in your brunch here before heading off to Gucci and Versace.

Eating Italian in Manhattan – this had been indeed the first restaurant I liked. Back in May a friend and I had tried out Little Italy in Brooklyn – and yes, it does exist. Maybe a bit remote from the rest of the crowd, as we took the D train to the 18th Ave Station and walked a good 20 minutes to the Tommaso Ristorante. Or rather some creepy 20 minutes past some deserted industrial area until we found those four restaurants that make out Brooklyn’s Little Italy (right next to their Chinatown). Here we ordered a prix fixe for 25 bucks each (even in the evening hours), which included an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert. All of these were very tasty! Starting out with some mussels in white sauce and mozarella with roasted peppers. Compared to restaurants in the City, the dishes are significantly bigger in Brooklyn! Then a fine-spiced Filet of Sole Francese with a meat dish combined with some of the best roasted potatoes I have ever come across. Dessert consisted of Italian Cheesecake and Panna Cotta. And don’t ask me how we both finished our dishes, but I assume we were quite stuffed when we exited the ristorante!

Tommaso appetizers
Filet de Sole Francese

Italian Cheesecake with a Panna Cotta

I will explain why I don’t think too highly of insider tips given in tourist guides for New York. One I had tried out was the infamous Totonno in Coney Island. When we walked in, the place had the feel of a fast-food joint rather than a notorious pizzeria. The waitress was indeed the same person displayed on the cover of the fancy magazine 10 years ago, but now significantly older and even with a hump. That’s right, a hunched back! So whatever photo-editing devices these glamour mags use, I’ve seen living proof of that they must be severe! Before eating my friend and I wanted to wash our hands so we each took turns to squeeze into the little booth Totonno calls a restroom . We disregarded the dirt on the floor and the hair in the sink because we both weren’t in the mood to puke. We then ordered a simple cheese pizza topped with some basic ingredients such as mushrooms and peppers. Even though we were both starving we both weren’t too impressed by its taste! Best pizza of Brooklyn – pah! Maybe best overpriced pizza of Brooklyn!

The awful Totonno in Coney Island

Grimaldi’s Pizza right in Dumbo always has a queue waiting outside that reaches around a few blocks. I wonder why. After experiencing Totonno, I doubt their pizza is any better. And the best thing about it: The last time I checked they had a sanitary “C” grade, which is about as bad as it gets in New York. After seeing this red flag I definitely did not feel in the mood to try them out.

Now, there is hope! There is a location in Bushwick called Roberta’s which has gained increasing popularity not even among the locals anymore. I have yet to try out their delicacies to give you an authentic food update on them. However, my friend, who happens to share my taste, has let me know that not only their pizza but also their pastries are supposed to be a tongue-tingling experience… If you get there before I do, let me know!

The Hidden Gem of Mexican Food: Diablo Royale

(photo via Diablo Royale Web site)

Mexican food in New York – ah yes, there are a handful of joints worth trying out. Of course you won’t ever see the standard achieved in California, not to mention Mehiko. You won’t ever top the authentic flavor and fresh ingredients found in the West and maybe Texas. However, New York is home to 290,000 Mexicans (according to the 2007 census) – not counting the dark numbers of illegal immigrants- and therefore certainly has some spots which offer food worth mentioning.

Two weeks ago a friend invited me to join him for dinner and blindly led me down the curved roads of the West Village. When I found my orientation back we were standing in front of a rather insignificant looking small pub, or so I thought, from which some loud voices were incoherently yelling out broken sentences. I should mention that we went on a Saturday night, which is a day the entire Bridge-and-Tunnel-crowd makes its way into the City, being hardly representable of a good night-out in New York during the week.

The inside of the restaurant is fairly large compared to my first impression and it is segregated into a bar area (where most of the “rowdies” sat) and a fine dining area, which was filled with animated discussions buzzing from every table – a typical weekend night, so far.

Dining area and bar (via Diablo Royale Web site)

We didn’t have reservations but only had to wait 30 minutes until the hostess had a table for two waiting for us. In the meantime we simply got a “Diablo Ricky” at the bar and chatted away. This drink was a newbie to me, as it is made of beer and frozen margharita (double calories, girls, not that it matters, though), which might sound disgusting at first but once you try it you will agree that this is the best idea the Mexicans have had cuisine-wise. I have to add that two of these can get you tipsy, and that no one should underestimate the results of a large beer and a cocktail mixed together.

Once seated at the table, we were offered a bowl of chips with salsa dip for free and started right off. I tried it and almost flipped: The salsa was one of the best I had tried in the past two years! Freshly made, chopped up, spiced up just to the right amount. Not the bottle-and-can-stuff you can get at any supermarket. Very exotic indeed. And when my friend added a bowl of guacamole to it all, we already had our ideal little appetizer. I do prefer the salsa, if I had to choose between either one, but the combo of spicy salsa with medium guacamole goes hand in hand!

The entrée options are splendid and one peek to our neighboring gourmands made us realize that there was no way we would snag a real three-course-meal into what was already in our bellies. Both of us were up for the same taste, so I got a shrimp enchilada while my friend teased his taste buds with a vegetable enchilada. Mhmmm, both were so good! The shrimp fitted right in with the beans and melted cheese, and all was covered in a white sauce, delightfully prepared on our plates. I believe this dish is simply called shrimp enchilada with chipotle crema (a very elegant way to describe their sauce). My friend has eaten here before and also recommends the tacos, as they are made-up of further tasty ingredients.

Chips and salsa (via Diablo Royale Web site)
Shrimp Enchilada (via Diablo Royale Web site)

I couldn’t even halfway finish my meal, because I had spoiled my appetite on those chips beforehand, but luckily Diablo Royale gives you a take-out bag in case these things happen. And of course I’ve forgotten to bring my camera with this time, so all pictures are snagged of the restaurant’s Web site. I assure you it really tasted as good as it looks on the photos.

Until recently I had such a hard time in finding good food and it was quite embarrassing when visitors from the Old World wanted to try exquisite, authentic New York cuisine. Now I’ve found some joints that are totally worth listing and will try to elaborate on these in the following few weeks! Cheers to more tasty food experiences!