Central Park During Fall: An Amazingly Beautiful Day


Being off for the first time this week, I strolled around Central Park. It made me appreciate the beauty our nature has to offer. I met up with my friend in the morning and we did a photo walk through the park for about an hour. While we had planned to do this under better and happier circumstances, talking about things and cheering each other up was our main objective today. Read More »

Brooklyn Botanical Garden During Fall: Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder


Day 2 after the horrendous Trump Election and America truly feels like it’s about to fall apart. Instead of bringing people together, the past two days have unveiled an ugly side. The monsters have been unleashed and given permission to insult, assault, and hurt their fellow human beings, Read More »

Saturdays in Brooklyn: Wandering around Williamsburg


Went to a coffee shop today. It was so amazing that we did half a photo shoot over there…

After a week-long sickness (A cold? Or a flu?) I felt like leaving the house again just for fun again (and not for work). I first got a new haircut in Greenpoint and then wandered through McCarren Park to Williamsburg, where I met up with a friend for brunch. Brunch was Southwestern Style biscuits. Read More »

How I Came to Have a Crush on Autumn: All the Colors Along this Long, Long Way


This fall has been an incredible time. It’s been perhaps one of the most intense past three months I could have ever imagined. Since becoming half-sedentary, starting a new job, and experiencing lots of other things along the way, I’ve been through a turmoil of emotions and reality checks. While most of the year has been about a new awakening, dreaming many dreams, and accomplishing a lot of travel, this time of year was meant to draw me towards the beauty and calm of things here in New York. I want to share so much with you but I see that it cannot be done all at once. There are so many posts waiting, so many thoughts Read More »