My West Coast Trip 2016: San Diego, Portland, and Seattle


Since it looks like I won’t be doing much more traveling this year (except for maybe the occasional daytrip somewhere nearby), I now have a few moments to catch up on all the travels that have happened so far. One of the trips of 2016 was a ten-day-excursion to the West Coast. I had the chance to visit three lovely cities, for about three days each. Read More »

Inspiring Blogs: Traveling the World Solo as a Woman

It’s Monday! A new week, a fresh start and perhaps also a case of the Monday blues. In my pursuit to counterfeit these so-called depressing mood swings, I’ve come up with the following list of travel blogs. I’ve been researching great material for my own travel aroundRead More »

Fire Island: A Weekend Trip to Ocean Beach (Part 2)


After our shopping and exploration tour we were finally ready for the beach. And boy was it hot that day! I forgot about those dog days which usually happen end of July through beginning of August. During mid-August they were certainly still around and it was a welcome change to hop into the water and cool off. The beach itself had a small wooden path leading to the sand. Read More »