NYC Marathon: Watching 50,000 People Run Through All Five Boroughs

Super Mario 2016
Super Mario 2016

One of the happiest events in the fall (almost winter) is certainly the one that occurs (almost except for during Hurrican Sandy) every year on the first weekend of November. The New York City Marathon leads through all five boroughs and stretches over 26 full miles. Read More »

Saturdays in Brooklyn: Wandering around Williamsburg


Went to a coffee shop today. It was so amazing that we did half a photo shoot over there…

After a week-long sickness (A cold? Or a flu?) I felt like leaving the house again just for fun again (and not for work). I first got a new haircut in Greenpoint and then wandered through McCarren Park to Williamsburg, where I met up with a friend for brunch. Brunch was Southwestern Style biscuits. Read More »