Dreaming of Curacao on a November Night: Visiting the Lightbox Gallery in Midtown


The Curacao Tourist Board has come up with a fun event, which took place at the Lightbox in Midtown West today. It showcased photos of 11 so-called digital influencers, who have visited the beautiful island of Curacao over the past year and who have taken amazing pictures of this Caribbean paradise.Read More »

Quiet Mornings at MoMa: A Great Way to Jumpstart the Day


Exactly one week ago I did something (to me) very, very exiting: I got up early on a weekday and went to the museum before work. The Museum of Modern Art (or short: MoMa) was hosting its last so-called “Quiet Mornings” in the month of October. Supposedly this had been a new idea for them and they tried it out throughout that month. Read More »

Redeeming the NYC ID Memberships: The Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Chile Pepper Festival


Remember back in May when I was talking about the free NYC ID and all the cultural perks that come with it? Well, starting September I actually realized that I only have a couple of months left to redeem all of my free memberships until the end of the year so I made sure to get on it. The first stop my friend (a fellow NYC ID carrier) and I made, was the wonderful Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The BK Botanical has always been of my favorite weekend hangout spot. Read More »