Impressions of Oregon: Overwhelming Nature from Its Very Best Side


I am picking up right where I left off back in November. After exploring San Diego, it was time to move on to Oregon. Last year was the very first time I had been to the third state on the West Coast. Although I had been yearning to go for so long, I only managed to do so it in 2016. Read More »

Creating A Vision Board: 10 Easy Steps On How To Manifest Your Desires

From blurry ideas to clear intentions: Creating a Vision Board
From blurry ideas to clear intentions: Creating a Vision Board

This weekend we have entered a new moon. It has been quite a magical time already for those who have chosen to remain positive during the past few weeks. I for one have made more sales from some recent photography products (my calendar and some of my pictures I’ve put up on an online art gallery), than I had initially anticipated and also expected. Or perhaps I have just been waiting on it all along and am now ready to reap the benefits. Read More »

January 2017: The First Two Weeks of a New Year

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

We are halfway through January on this beautiful weekend day. How have you guys been experiencing the brand-new year of 2017 so far?

I am off tomorrow thanks to Martin Luther King Day (a floating holiday in the US). So today is practically my Saturday, although it feels like quite a peaceful and productive Sunday, too. I managed to sleep in a bit and wake up refreshed. Read More »

First Magical Exhibition of the Year: Pixel Forest at the New Museum


Today I went to a magical exhibition at the New Museum. One of those once-in-a-while moments that kind of take your breath away without you really knowing why. Pipilotti Rist’s Pixel Forest has been on display in the Lower East Side since October 26th of last year. Spread across the three main floors of the museum, she features a quite magical artistic composition of art installations made of video projections, curtains and more. Read More »