Experiencing Bareburger in Park Slope for the First Time: A Food Coma Post


Last month I was invited to my first Yelp Elite Event. Ever since becoming a Yelp Elite Member in October, I was seeking to finally attend some of their great events. One was ice-skating in Prospect Park, which I missed out on. Another was the opening night of a restaurant nearby, which I was also unable to attend.

So during the Thanksgiving week in late November, I finally was picked to attend a restaurant night at Bareburger in Park Slope. Although they have 18 locations around the world (Tokyo already open and Dubai to come soon, hello there!), this one is relatively new. I’ve only once eaten at their spot in Hell’s Kitchen, which was last year in the summer. Although I found their food quite good, I never made my way over again, as I don’t visit this part of Manhattan as often. Now that I know they are open so close to my doorstep, I will be making the walk over more frequently.


Awesome variety of sodas

Attending a member event with Yelp is simply awesome, because you get to try a place and even more than that – you receive special creations and more yummy things and all at almost no cost (tip mandatory).

Great deco at their Park Slope location
Great deco at their Park Slope location


Veggie burgers for me
Veggie burgers for me

Bareburger was possibly one of the best hosts I could have imagined for my first yelp event ever. Not only was their staff accommodating, friendly, and on-top-of things. The food was amazing, delicious, and delivered in abundance to the tables we sat at. The owner gave an informative speech about the history of the place and Bareburger in general. Overall I have to say that the restaurant delivered a quite friendly, homely, and exciting vibe. Certainly somewhere I would want to spend my money again.

The awesome owner telling us all about his family-owned business
The awesome owner telling us all about his family-owned business
Yummy desserts
Yummy desserts



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