Completing NaBloPoMo: Day 30 and the Last Week of Blogging

I've successfully earned this badge!
I’ve successfully earned this badge!

My 30ieth day of blogging has come around! Ever since signing up for the NaBloPoMo challenge, I knew I just had to complete it. I’ve literally only once completed a month-long writing challenge, and that was more than a year ago and only after a second attempt. Back then it had been the SarkeMedia Challenge. NaBloPoMo has me on their blog roll and I feel so happy to be able to say that I am finally done and that I haven’t “failed” or whatever is defined under failure when starting and finishing the month of blogging.

This has perhaps been one of the hardest challenges I faced this entire year (writing-wise). I don’t think I got anything else done other than my daily blog, and that is just fine. The photography and other hobbies have just been pushed aside because, to be honest, I only have time to focus on one thing at a time. Writing one month non-stop, be it coming up with new posts or reviving stories, has shown me that I am capable of writing on a regular basis. It’s certainly inspired me to write more often than I have before, and that’s a good result.

To finish the challenge up in stride, I am now posting links to my last week of blogging:

Day 24 was a throwback to all the Thanksgivings I’ve celebrated in New York so far.


On day 25 I am going even further and re-posting what I experienced during Black Friday madness a few years ago.

Day 26 is bouncing back to San Diego and the precious Old Town.


On day 27 I am off to Mission and Pacific Beach.

Mission Beach Views
Mission Beach Views

Day 28 describes La Jolla right above the aforementioned two beaches.


Day 29 is a good summary of my San Diego impressions.


And day 30… well, it’s the end of the challenge! I hope you got to enjoy a few blog posts this month! Off to December, now!

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