La Jolla: San Diego’s Precious Gem on a Rainy Day


Mission and Pacific Beach were pretty nice by itself. But after seeing some pictures and hearing stories, I knew I had to check out La Jolla. So on my last day in San Diego I made the trip over to the coast again (altogether about an hour of a bus ride from the Gaslamp District). La Jolla is Spanish and translates into The Jewel. And it did indeed look like a precious diamond of sparkling water, madly rushing beneath me.


La Jolla features great views but also the iconic seals, which you can see from pretty much anywhere.

On that particular day it was raining at La Jolla. Although I don’t know how it looks like bathed in sunshine, I appreciated the windiness of the ocean during that grey day. It was also nice to not have as many tourists as there must be on a normal, sunny day.



The seals started to come out and leap closer to the humans. However, one thing I didn’t find that great was how close some tourists came to them. Maybe giving these animals some space would have been better. To my surprise, I also saw some kayakers and divers, who were ascending into the water in a wetsuit.




The coast is certainly the most beautiful part of La Jolla. Although I wandered around for a bit and came across some beautiful houses, too. The area is quite posh and residential, with a few stores, bakeries and coffee shops nearby. Other than that, there isn’t much to do it seems. But the view onto the water is certainly amazing.




(On an unrelated note: I have two more blog posts until I am done with my 30-day-blogging challenge. I simply can’t wait. It’s been a nice ride but also strenuous and tiring and I haven’t seen myself do much else after work. I guess November was kind of the perfect month for it (cold/ rainy/ windy) but still – it’s been a challenge.)

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