Two Weeks of Continous Blogging: A Summary of NaBloPoMo


It’s half-time at the NaBloPoMo Challenge. 16 days ago I started my blogging journey, which has yet to be completed by the end of the month. A total of 30 days of continuous blogging for the entire duration of November awaits me – oh excitement! I haven’t followed many bloggers yet, who are also embarking on the challenge, but I have to say this: Kudos to everyone who made it this far. Perhaps yesterday and today were the first days were I simply felt out of it and not motivated to continue at all. But it’s almost a thrill to complete a full cycle and I must say that having made it half-time period is giving me the right motivation to carry on.

I therefore will post a recap of the past week (just like I did for the first week). What has happened in the past 7 days of blogging? A lot! From the world coming to an end (or so it seems) to a nice weekend – a week turned into an eternity…


On day 9 I described how heart-broken most people in New York were after the election results trickled in. More on it here.


Day 10 was a distraction post. And it worked. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden in the fall is awe-inspiring and beautiful.


On day 11 I was off work, roaming through Central Park. Here also, be prepared for an overload of fall foliage and other autumnal pictures.


Day 12 was still on the heavy side. Remembering Heavy Minds Photographer Chris Serrano, who passed away last month at the tender age of 25. His family pulled up a breath-taking gallery as a great way to remember him as the artist he was up until his death.


On day 13 I described my brief visit to the Google offices. Lunch hour came and went, and I was still there. So many cool things to see, so many items to digest.


If all else fails, travel prevails! On day 14 this was exactly my motto. And actually the travel bug has bitten me ever since… Find an overview of inspiring female solo travelers here.


Day 15 briefly describes the cultural weekend I had at the Brooklyn Museum. Perhaps my fifth visit here, although I’ve lost count over the years. And each and every time there is still so much to see.

Looks like there are still 14 more days to go…

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