Inspiring Blogs: Traveling the World Solo as a Woman

It’s Monday! A new week, a fresh start and perhaps also a case of the Monday blues. In my pursuit to counterfeit these so-called depressing mood swings, I’ve come up with the following list of travel blogs. I’ve been researching great material for my own travel around the world for the past couple of years since 2012, to be exact. When doing my research, I keep coming across one and the same blogs over and over again. But sometimes I also discover some new reading material, and that gets me very excited.

These are the five travel blogs, which are currently inspiring me as a female solo traveler to keep on doing what I love to do. Not only are the bloggers female solo travelers themselves, they’ve actually been to quite a few places and have usually given up their nine to five in order to pursue their passion of globe trotting.

The Sweetest Way Blogger Leah Davis first moved abroad in 2011 and has been on the go since. She even lived in New York for a short while (during the same time I was here). One of her long-term destinations was Colombia together with a few other countries in South America, then she went bananas and traveled to SE Asia, Europe and many more countries. My respect goes out to her for living in Colombia (which I visited this summer) for so long. I always envy people who are fluent in Spanish and have the same passion I have towards the Latin warmth and culture.

Ellen Burne from Travelling the World Solo is my alltime favorite. I discovered her when looking up things to do solo in Iceland (back when I was planning my trip this past February). I came across her amazing Blue Lagoon pictures. Then I came across her Greenland Stories. And she pretty much had me hooked when I came across all her SE Asia travel images. She still has me hooked. I love every one of her Instagram photos (and I’d recommend you to follow along). A young Australian mid-wife who at a young age (22 yo) decided to just pick up and travel the world. You have to admit it – her story is quite unique!

Following these fabulous ladies is Kristin from Be My Travel Muse. The SoCal girl ditched a steady live in the stressful investment banking industry to hike through China, become a buddhist nun, scuba dive throughout exotic places and overall leave her footprints all over this globe. Traveling since 2012 and beyond, it’s been quite a pleasure to follow her adventurous stories and to see her involvement in this planet. She is perhaps one of the biggest encouragers to travel alone as a woman.

There are so very many more inspirational writers, bloggers, human beings in woman-form. From Adventurous Kate over Alex in Wanderland to Kate from the States – I love to read up on every single one of them whenever I have the time.

Here is also a fabulous list of 25 most inspiring female bloggers, which I consult many times when making travel plans.


I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do! Happy Monday – take the time to plan your next travel!

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