Visiting the NY Google office for Lunch


This Friday I visited my friend, who works at the NYC Google offices. He invited me for lunch, so we spent a good amount of time together. He started off by showing me around two of the three buildings Google is currently in. One of them is right above Chelsea Market and offers amazing views over the highline. For lunch we decided to go to one of the quazillion cafeterias. I opted for salad, veggie burger and a bit of sushi. You can basically eat what your heart desires – it seems like every day of the week the cafeterias have amazing things to offer.


Google gives its employees great perks. Free lunches, food, snacks, coffee and much more is part of the package. Not only do you have amazing snack bars throughout all buildings. You can also attend cooking classes with qualified chefs (which usually run around an hour), so that you see what goes into your food.

Lunch itself was yummy but I couldn’t finish all the goodies I put on my plate for the sake of trying. Afterwards, we went to one of the many coffee stations and I ordered a cappuccino from one of the baristas. We also came across this cool, interactive wall, which displays you as a life-sized computer game.


I also discovered my home on this over-sized map. You could practically zoom into all cities you were searching and stand in front of your house.


Visiting Google was lots of fun and just the type of distraction I had needed this week.


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