Dreaming of Curacao on a November Night: Visiting the Lightbox Gallery in Midtown


The Curacao Tourist Board has come up with a fun event, which took place at the Lightbox in Midtown West today. It showcased photos of 11 so-called digital influencers, who have visited the beautiful island of Curacao over the past year and who have taken amazing pictures of this Caribbean paradise.

As part of promoting tourism to the island, the gallery consisted of digital images projected onto all walls and even a few videos intersected in between the images. The artists were mostly photographers who had gained their fame through the popular phone app platform Instagram.

Two artists I personally follow on Instagram are Vivienne Gucwa from @travelinglens (who currently has 100, 000 followers)

travelinglens aka Vivienne Gucwa
travelinglens aka Vivienne Gucwa

and Natalie Amrossi from @misshattan (who currently has 400,000 followers).

misshattan aka Natalie Amrossi
misshattan aka Natalie Amrossi

I actually even saw them standing right next to each other and taking – big surprise – a picture with their works in the background (perhaps to post online later or to keep as a memory).

Quite a crowd on an early Friday eve
Quite a crowd on an early Friday eve

The event offered Caribbean-themed cocktails (the first was on the house) and a DJ, who spun some funky, warmer weather dance tunes. The space itself was a tall, box-shaped venue with white walls – perfect to project imagery and more on them.


Overall, this was a fun digital gallery to visit and I look forward to seeing more events the Lightbox will be hosting in the future (be it Caribbean dream themed or not).

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