Completing NaBloPoMo: Day 30 and the Last Week of Blogging

I've successfully earned this badge!
I’ve successfully earned this badge!

My 30ieth day of blogging has come around! Ever since signing up for the NaBloPoMo challenge, I knew I just had to complete it. I’ve literally only once completed a month-long writing challenge, and that was more than a year ago and only after a second attempt.Read More »

San Diego: Overall Impressions of Three Short Days

San Diego skyline at night
San Diego skyline at night

San Diego as a city managed to surprise me in every good way possible. I spent three full days in SoCal and, from what my coworkers, family and everyone else were telling me, that should have been enough to bore the heck outta me. Well, surprisingly, I found these three days just the right amount of time to get to know this lovely town and, contrary to my previous beliefs, I wouldn’t mind spending even more time here or re-visiting the city. From the first day, I saw quite some diversity in SD. Read More »

Old Town San Diego: Mixing Ancient With New


My second day in San Diego was about as action-packed as the arrival day. In the morning, I made my way over to Old Town San Diego, which is a good 30 minute ride by public transport from downtown. Old Town is perhaps one of the most touristy but also charming parts of the city. It literally consists of gift stores only, interspersed with touristy restaurants and other entertainment. Read More »

7 Seasons of Thanksgiving: Re-capping the Past Turkey Days in the US

Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010
Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010

It’s Thanksgiving Day! And my 4-day-weekend has officially started! After an initial confusion over whether or not I’d have to work tomorrow, I decided to just ask for some time off, since the office is usually pretty slow around this time of year. So I am pretty stoked to just get things done in the next four day and be all calm.Read More »