Sleepy Hollow the Weekend Before Halloween

Today is Halloween. Hollow’s Eve. Night of the ghosts, deathly spirits, witchcraft and children trick-or-treating. In addition to the spookiness, a perfectly chill and cozy fall week has come to an end yesterday. I therefore thought it would be the perfect time to update you on our Sleepy Hollow adventure we had this past Saturday.


Sleepy Hollow is a 45-minute train ride outside of Manhattan (if you’re lucky and catch the express train). Easily accessible by Metro North, it also only lies about one stop north of Tarrytown, another cute town in the county of Westchester and well worth checking out. This Saturday my friends and I made the trip up there since we had never gone and the October events seemed like a fabulous opportunity to check out the town.

As most of you surely know, Sleepy Hollow is the indeed the town from which the tale of the Headless Horseman and many more spooky horror stories originate. It therefore wasn’t too surprising that we made our first stop the cemetery, which is more than 250 years old and features graves from the 18th century and beyond. Originally meant for the Dutch settlers, it now has tombs and graves of people as renown as Irving Washington (the author and creator of the Legend of the Headless Horseman) and Walter Chrysler (yes, the famous business man).



Other important historical monuments date back to the Civil War and both World Wars. There is also a cute, small church open to visitors. We were lucky to run into a tour that was given the moment we checked it out.



The manor from afar and some reflections.
The manor from afar and some reflections.

We then continued on to the Philipsburg Manor, which was not open to the general public on that day. We took a few pictures from afar and marveled at the fall foliage and these huge leaves, which had fallen off trees in the vicinity. If anyone knows which tree type they come from, please leave a comment.

Leaves as big as my head
Leaves as big as my head

While strolling through the historic part of downtown Sleepy Hollow, we came across a mini pumpkin selling patch/ store. The pumpkins were neatly lined up according to their weight and price. This one in particular looked like a rare type of mushroom…



We walked down to the water, where we ended up waiting two hours to get dinner. Since it was still warm outside, we didn’t mind the wait and the food was well worth it. Care to check out the Bridgeview Tavern when you’re in the area and have some time on your hands.



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