Fire Island: A Weekend Trip to Ocean Beach (Part 2)


After our shopping and exploration tour we were finally ready for the beach. And boy was it hot that day! I forgot about those dog days which usually happen end of July through beginning of August. During mid-August they were certainly still around and it was a welcome change to hop into the water and cool off. The beach itself had a small wooden path leading to the sand.


What is definitely a bit of a downside were all the items forbidden at the beach: The list seemed endless. Basically the only thing allowed is water. No eating, no drinking of alcohol or even juice, no baby strollers etc. At first we thought this was a bad joke but then we actually saw a patrol walk the beach and write out hefty tickets. I believe one couple received a $250 fine for having a cooler on the beach – certainly a great way for the community to make money off of their visitors.



The water was quite dangerous at this time of day – the tide was coming in and the waves were massive. Once you got past the shallow shore you were good but just to get further out in the water took a lot of effort already. I was turned upside down in the water a couple of times and once thought I wouldn’t be able to pull myself up to the top at one point. Certainly no joke, those currents. Sitting in the sand was great after spending half an hour fighting with the water currents.


Eventually three more friends joined us and we decided to grab a late lunch somewhere. At this point brunch was over but we still got a great happy hour at a restaurant right off the boardwalk. It included $5 margaritas and oysters for $10 a pound.


And indeed – happy hour was the key for a late afternoon and early evening in Ocean Beach. We found two more bars that had specials on their draft beers and cocktails. Fire Island is unusually expensive, even for New Yorkers, so paying a decent price for drinks was a must.




After strolling along the harbor waterfront, we decided it was time for dinner. Little did we know we had to make a dinner reservation on a busy Saturday night in the summer. Most good places yelp recommended had a waiting time of over 1 hour (sometimes even longer than this). Since we had to catch the ferry back at 8pm, we wandered around until we came across a cheap-looking burger spot. The waiting time wasn’t long but it took a while to get food and drinks. Eventually we just rushed to the ferry after a late meal and got on it last minute.



A Saturday well spent on Fire Island.


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