Fire Island: A Weekend Trip to Ocean Beach (Part 1)


Last month I had the chance to take a quick beach getaway with two of my friends. We decided to venture out to Fire Island – which is part of Long Island and accessible only by ferry after a certain point.

It wasn’t my first time on this island, as I had gone to the Pines back in 2011 (check out the full story here and here). But it was my first time after Sandy and it was also my first time on that specific part of the island. Because what I hadn’t known until that weekend was that there are up to 8 (!) different routes you can take to either the beach or a cute village – or both (and Fire Island even has a lighthouse!). Thanks to the LIRR you get around quite easily and don’t have to worry about renting a car for the day. Each route includes a ferry, usually around 20 to 30 minutes long, in addition to a train ride beforehand.





It was mid-August when we decided to check out Ocean Beach, which looked quite marvelous in the pictures. After an about 45-min-long-train ride to the Bay Shore Station, a 5-min-shuttle ride to the terminal and an additional 30-minute ferry ride to the actual destination, we hopped off and were in the middle of a cute fishing town or village.


Since it was before noon, we decided to get a coffee at the local convenience store and walk up and down the main street. A street bazaar was in full swing, so we got to see some cute handmade jewelry, unique hand-painted street signs and other neat things. All items were pretty much themed towards the sea, and the ocean culture was pretty prevalent on this part of Long Island. After marveling at whether or not we could afford to rent a summer house split by a few people, we concluded that perhaps we could if divided among friends and their friends and if we took turns on when to share it weekend-wise. One can dream…





We also went to a cute jewelry shop which had affordable necklaces, rings and more. Indeed, my friends stocked up on a nice necklace and a bracelet. All three of us also got these fancy-looking mood rings (for $5 a piece) with some of the best designs I’d ever seen: A butterfly, a seahorse, a heart shape, a stone shape and more.




As we found out later, mood rings are more of a reflection of the outside temperature than the real mood of a person. I am happy to have such a cute souvenir of my time spent in Fire Island and the great escape we had. My one friend tried out her mood ring while dodging the high waves in the ocean and it turned all kinds of fancy colors (from purple over blue to yellow).



We strolled to other shops nearby and found beach clothes in one. The designs were all pretty chic. Fire Island is fancy, after all.



2 thoughts on “Fire Island: A Weekend Trip to Ocean Beach (Part 1)

  1. […] After our shopping and exploration tour we were finally ready for the beach. And boy was it hot that day! I forgot about those dog days which usually happen end of July through beginning of August. During mid-August they were certainly still around and it was a welcome change to hop into the water and cool off. The beach itself had a small wooden path leading to the sand. […]

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