Exploring the Brit Capital: London (Day 3)


The next and last day was spent at Camden Market, which I really came to love in 2011. After having a delish breakfast in the Soho area, it was off to the bazaar and finding some souvenirs for the peeps back at home (and NY).

Cute breakfast donuts
Cute breakfast donuts

Camden Market can be quite overwhelming because of the variety of things it offers but somehow it still managed to show off its best in its first few shops already. After drinking fresh-made orange juice and contemplating about spending my last few pounds on a crepe or not, I decided my Camden Market foodie experience had already been taken to the max.

View from Camden
View from Camden




Instead, I walked towards Regent’s Park and was almost run over by a car on my way to it. Yicks, the streets being the other way around – it was something I could never get used to really in my week-long stay in Great Britain. Regent’s Park was again astonishingly green and some blooms were already out in the flower beds, for people to marvel at and me to wonder about global warming. It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was really smitten by the overall weather at the end of this trip.



I decided to stop by at the Sherlock Holmes museum once again and take a picture with one of the guards out front. I also examined the cool souvenirs and may or may not have gotten the one or other overpriced piece of detective kitsch.






It was then time to leave and I took the train to Stansted airport, which always seems to be so far out of the way. I head of the amazing city airport in the middle of the city but have yet to try it out. One day… London will always be worth a visit!



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