Beautiful Things I Saw Today: My Month of Gratitude (Week 3)


What was a pre-cursor for last week continued this week: All of a sudden the clock raced forward and to what a wild extent! But there were many amazing moments to celebrate and I am so grateful to have made it through every single one of them.

Tuesday, March 15: My six-year-anniversary of being in New York. While the past two years had been a bit mediocre, with celebrating only with one or two friends at the most, this year was the blast I had always planned for. It started with cupcakes from Sprinkles, as they featured an amazing happy hour (half off all cupcake ice-creams, who would be able to resist?). From here our small group of 5 went on to Greenwich Village for a well-deserved Happy Hour at Whiskey Tavern. This spot has perhaps been a go-to-bar for the past 4 years and it kinda hit home in the sense of reminiscing of the past. We ended the night with 11 people at the Bourgois Pig and 4 bottles of tasty wine. Yes, I was hungover the next day. But who cares, because it was…

6 years in New York!
6 years in New York!

Wednesday, March 16: Since our work has been relatively slow lately, I got to finish earlier and also rest aka sleep away at home.

Thursday, March 17: St. Patty’s Day! Watching the parade close to Fifth Ave was certainly entertaining. Also, going out after work for a beer happy hour and ending up with another group of friends – pretty cool. We would have expected it to be busier since it was the end of the week but for some reason the streets of the Village were eerily empty…

Green Day
Green Day

Friday, March 18: I was cherishing my day off and caught up with some serious photo editing. I also enjoyed the first cherry blossoms and magnolia trees, which were in full bloom already, at the BK Botanical Garden. Yay to having a free membership and being able to visit as often as I want.

BK Botanical Garden
BK Botanical Garden

Saturday: March 19: A bit on the chilly side. I was thankful for a one-and-a-half hour long yoga class. I also went out with a friend in the LES and we saw a great Cabaret Show.


Sunday, March 20: Thankful for some downtime, not having to go outside, and some flurry snowflakes against my window. I know, it seems to have snowed quite a bit this month already, but the snow melts away on the spot, so it’s not the crazy snowstorm we only had once this year.

Monday: March 21: A brand new week. I also went to my second-to-last class of the B&H Portfolio Development Program, which will be finishing up at the end of this month. It was quite an unexplored terrain: Industrial Photography. Think ships, cars, and the MTA dumping subways into the ocean. Yes, confusing and fascinating at once. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to still be a part of this amazing group and for advancing further into my photography path.


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