Beautiful Things I Saw Today: My Month of Gratitude (Week 2)

My month of gratitude continues and with it some new things to be grateful for every day.


What was particularly hard this past week was not so much the feeling of gratitude but the lack of time. All of a sudden I was surrounded by dates, birthdays and get-togethers almost every day of the week once Tuesday came around. Sitting back and reflecting on how hectic the past 7 days were, make me realize now that what I can be truly grateful for is having time in this chaotic city, which really knows how to make your precious time pass by in the blink of an eye.


Tuesday, March 8: I was grateful for being able to wear a colorful dress to go with the amazing spring weather we were having. The evening started off with some precious Mexican food at Rosa Mexicano (a must try!) and ended with Italian dessert at Bowery. Seldom have I felt more full but happier than on that night. Nothing beats a great foodie excursion.

Wednesday, March 9: It was my friends’ birthday and we tried a Cuban restaurant with Happy Hour. I was grateful for getting to know new people and being able to celebrate a milestone in my friend’s life.

bday party

Thursday, March 10: Trying out new places continued on that day, too. A date night with a friend at an Indonesian coffee shop which served beer in the Village – life is good. Although quite burnt out after non-stop talking to friends three nights in a row, I was grateful to see and catch up with everyone properly and on a separate occasion.


Friday, March 11: Right after work I decided to give in to my feelings of nostalgia. I therefore walked over to the Empire State Building – a building well known to me as it was my former work place and always evokes a mixture of feelings inside me. I also included Macy’s and Herald Square in my little nostalgia walk, since those have played a significant role in my life over the past 6 years.


Saturday March 12: This day was perhaps the craziest of all. A full 13-hour “work day” and getting a glimpse of the film and acting scene. I was helping out a friend and her production company. I was grateful for the insight I gained into the film industry and to see how hard of a day’s work it is to “make it” in this crazy city of over-competitiveness. While I was extremely tired after this long day, I was thankful for being around so many creative vibes and getting the full scoop of what goes into two very different productions.


Sunday, March 13: I met up with a friend and she showed me a new shop in New York. Unbelievable I had never walked past here before. It’s the Meyers of Keswick store in the Village and it’s pretty awesome that I know of it now. It sells British candy, snacks, and other goodies.

Monday, March 14: Cozy, rainy weather. It almost felt like fall all over again, with a cold wind gushing through the streets and making me wish for a hat to cover my ears. I was grateful for the change of weather and to be reminded that March can still be a very active winter month.

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