Beautiful Things I Saw Today: My Month of Gratitude

Midtown vibes
Midtown vibes

Sometimes it’s a challenge to not fall back into a rut. I’m trying so hard to not give in to the post-travel-blues and to acknowledge my day-to-day-life again. But on some days reality can become a bit depressing. I’ve therefore created cheerfulness in my life this month. In an attempt to take in fully each and every moment again, I want to be grateful for the little things. You see, my goal is to experience beauty in every moment and to realize how thankful we should be for every second we have on this wonderful planet Earth.

As life seems to become more complicated and complex, so does the everyday struggle. To such an extent, that it makes us forget about how simple life actually is. At least that is what I want my life to be again: Simple. Not filled with drama, anger or even fear. I want to take on every day with a happy attitude and I want to be grateful for the things that make this particular day outstanding. I don’t want to do an extensive amount of over-planning and scheduling. I want to be spontaneous and give my life the freedom of chaos and happy things coming towards me.

March is therefore my self-proclaimed month of gratitude. Perhaps most likely I just needed this theme right now. Every day I am writing down what caught my attention in the waking hours and what I am thankful for.

Starting with…:

March 1st vibes
March 1st vibes

March 1: A beautiful Tuesday. Today I heard violin players in the subway, who sweetened up my morning commute. On the train I saw a beggar with his cart, so I had a double seat by myself right across from him (no worries, he actually did not smell and wasn’t overly crazy). The sun came out and I wore my sun glasses for the first time in a while.

Wednesday, March 2: I snagged a free copy of Timeout NY. The hustle and bustle of Midtown had me – a sea of humans weeding their way to who-knows-where. The beautiful sun shone down Third Avenue. Today I felt grateful for my job and the fact that I wasn’t stressed out about it anymore. I also had three coincidental encounters with people whom I hadn’t seen in a while (one as long as 6 years ago).

Snowy vibes
Snowy vibes

Thursday, March 3: I found the London Tube map in my purse, reminding me of the wonderful travel month I had had in Feb (so short ago). I felt thankful for the cold, because winter is beautiful and not over yet.

Friday, March 4: It snowed! One of the rare snows we’ve had this entire winter. And how much better than Friday does it get? Time to relax!

Saturday, March 5: I started yoga at a new studio and felt thankful for the 1 1/2 hour long class. I finally did my taxes and found out that this year I’d be getting a refund (as opposed to owing last year). I also booked a flight to a continent I hadn’t been yet for June (more to come later).

Saturday Night Shenanigans
Saturday Night Shenanigans

Sunday, March 6: Sundays have been oddly relaxing lately. I felt thankful for living in such a great neighborhood and being able to explore Park Slope. I also skyped with back home, something that doesn’t happens as much as needed.

Monday, March 7: Warm spring weather in the making! It was hard not to feel happy today. I was grateful for the sun rays shining, people finally smiling again, and the overall approach of spring lingering in the air.

Spring vibes
Spring vibes

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Things I Saw Today: My Month of Gratitude

    • You absolutely should! It’s made my life so much better this month (and yes, I really needed it, as time goes by and the roller coaster ride becomes apparent again). I can’t wait to read your version!

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