First Trip of 2016

Waiting at JFK
Waiting at JFK

That’s it! I’m at JFK, waiting on Icelandair to depart to an epic 21 day adventure. First stop: Reykjavik! Or rather: The Blue Lagoon close-by… Didn’t get to see it the last time I went, so I am making it my first destination.

One week in Iceland followed by two in Germany and Great Britain. I am beyond excited to start my first bigger trip in almost six months since I’ve really gone anywhere… Being in New York wears on you. What I need is relaxation, nature, different cultures and a new perspective. So let’s see what the following three weeks have in store…

I bought a new backpack. One of those proper backpacking-going-on-an-adventure kind of packs. It’s my first time wearing it and I am thrilled at how many winter clothes I could stuff into this thing. I will need them…!

Daypack that came with the proper pack
Daypack that came with the proper pack

3 thoughts on “First Trip of 2016

  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing adventure ahead of you! While I haven’t been to Iceland, I’m sure it’ll be an amazing experience! When it comes to the UK and Germany, I may have some recommendations for you. We’ve covered several cities including Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London and Manchester on our blog (you can find all posts about all the cities here: and I’m sure something will be helpful for your trip! If you have any questions, feel free to try anytime!

    For now, have an amazing time and enjoy the trip! 🙂

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