Winter Tales: Finding Nemo, Sledding Through Juno and Awaiting Jonas


Snowcalypse is coming and for some reason this occasion makes me want to post some old winter pictures. It seems that every year we have at least one “massive” winter storm warning. This time, starting today up until Sunday morning, it’s Jonas who is going to cause some ruckus. In the past few years, we’ve dealt with Juno and Nemo, so what does someone as petty sounding as Jonas have to say in this equation?

Either way, we will see how snowed in everyone will be. I was planning on going out on Saturday night, even bought some stellar tickets, but I have a slight feeling that I will be constricted to local barhopping or a night with Netflix if the public transportation decides to shut down… We will see!

Here are some epic snow pictures accumulated over the past 6 winters I’ve experienced winter in the city of New York.

The harmless beginning...
The harmless beginning…

It all started when I celebrated my first Christmas here. All of a sudden, the day after, a few snowflakes came tumbling down from the sky and didn’t cease to fall until a few days (!) after. By that time, you could barely move through the icy mountains that had formed everywhere. My work and pretty much everything else had been cancelled for a few days in a row. It took almost two weeks for the subways to run properly again, as so many outside tracks were affected.

My friend dodging icy winds and more snow
My friend dodging icy winds and more snow
Oh 2010
Oh 2010

I was a bit pissed back then, because I was working on an hourly wage and wasn’t looking forward to missing out on my weekly paycheck. The 2010/2011 winter season was perhaps one of the coldest I have ever experienced on the East Coast up until today.


The winter following it was relatively mild compared to that one. But in 2012/2013 we got hit with a few storms again. Nemo was among them, leaving white traces and happy faces for as long as a weekend. I remember that I had wanted to do a snow photo shoot with willing models but for some reason no one was able to make it down. I believe the train service was spotty, too. This time I was well-prepared and happyily dancing around in my newly purchased snow boots. Never in my adult life did I have the need to buy proper winter shoe gear, but this time around I figured I’d better be safe than sorry. It came out to be a wise decision.

Nemo brought it on.
Nemo brought it on.



In 2014 I was working all the way uptown – in the Upper East Side. Sometime in January we had our first real blizzard warning. I remember leaving work early that day and strolling down to the train station. At one point, there were barely any cars in the streets. Something that usually never happens! Another time I saw this father-and-son-duo finding a creative way to ride to the subway.





Last year, in 2015, we were warned by Juno. I had just finished jury duty and was on my way home, still curing a week-long flu. It was the end of January and everyone was off work, it seemed. A proper snow day, so I decided to walk over to Prospect Park and see what was up. Kids were sledding, parents were becoming annoyed with them and I personally thought the snow was pure bliss.






Indeed, winter lasted so long, that we had snow come down up until the end of March.

Spring errr winter?
Spring errr winter?

With all of these motivating snow tales, I really wonder what will be up now. Alright Jonas, let’s see what happens this weekend!


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