New Year Resolutions: How Are We Doing Almost Three Weeks into the New Year?

Image courtesy of The Odyssey Online
Image courtesy of The Odyssey Online

The New Year has been in full swing for the past 19 days already. That’s almost 3 weeks! And as if it’s not enough, winter has finally come around to New York. Not tentatively, of course. But rather full blast, with a few icicles here and there and some freezing nights, reaching temperatures which feel like its 8F (or -13C) … On the upside, I’ve finally bought a new blanket at Ikea yesterday – a purchase I had been pushing off for the past four months already. Cuddly weather – I’m prepared for you now.

Enough about the outdoors, though. How have you been doing on your New Year’s resolutions? Did you make any for 2016 at all?

I managed to write out a short list on the last day of December 2015, which I haven’t gotten around to sharing with you yet. It was rather last minute, but those last-minute-lists sometimes speak the truth more than a deliberate write-up ever could.

The main points were perhaps similar to the ones I had in the previous year, but this time with more focus, I felt. It’s one thing to wish for something but it’s another to actively make a step towards it and to try to change things.
Here they are:

1) Get more sleep/rest during the week.

Since making the switch from a bartender schedule to an office schedule, I’ve been having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the regular 9-5 schedule and going to bed early enough to sleep more than 6 hours every night. After already having my first cold for a couple of days into the new year, this resolution seems more necessary than ever. It’s time to listen to my body and allow myself some rest and to finally acknowledge that going to bed early is not for “old” people.

2) Find a more creative job.

Goes hand in hand with resolution number 9. Finding a way to express my creative nature on a daily basis could perhaps heighten my own productivity in the photography department and not make me feel like I am always switching in between two worlds when coming home. Although I like the paralegal work a lot, it can be a bit draining at the end of the day and I think I am finally getting to a point in my life where I would want to spend my energy on things I truly enjoy instead of always living a double-life just like I have in the previous five years.

3) Write up the photography book and publish it.

As you might know by now, I am planning on publishing my very first photography book. I had initially wanted to get it out there by the end of last year or the beginning of this year. But you know how that goes – time comes in between and with it other things. Perhaps I am just not ready for it, either, as my friend pointed out to me. I have to allow myself to be ready and now I am planning on a mid-year publication date, which actually suits my schedule way better. I am also taking a good amount of pictures every week, which most likely will be added to the book as we go on.

4) Become more advanced in photography and try out new things (strobes, creative portraits).

I always like to challenge myself. One thing that has been bugging me for a while already is the fact that I know nothing much about external lightning. I am aiming to change this during the upcoming year and to give my photography business a chance when it comes to creating beautiful portraits.

Image courtesy of The Odyssey Online
Image courtesy of The Odyssey Online

5) Concentrate solely on the B&H Project for the first few months.

More on this later but I’ve been accepted to a pretty neat program, which aims to improve my photo essay skills over the total duration of 6 months. I am halfway through it already and by the end of March all participants are thought to have their stories together. I think after this is completed, I will also have much more time to concentrate on resolution number 3…

6) Get more movement and find a better fitness program.

Perhaps something I haven’t really gotten into since moving to my apartment in 2012. I never managed to join a gym for the past 3 1/2 years, but instead survived on bootcamps, yoga Groupons and Zumba classes. I’d like to either find a steady bootcamp place again or perhaps go to the gym so that I can show off a great beach body just like in the good old times. Workout is good for the soul, right?

7) Get to know new people, get a new hobby, and start dating again.

I’ve become a bit strict in the amount of friends I meet every week, not leaving me with much time to actually meet new people. After having a rather dull romantic life in 2015, I aim to change this and to try out new things in order to meet new friends and also guys. What sense does it make to live in this awesome city and to be doing all of these interesting things when I can’t share them with anyone because I never have the time to meet up with anyone?

8) Become more organized time-wise and manage time better.

The never-ending issue with time-management. Deleting some social media apps from my phone has made all the difference in the world. I still catch myself staring into space or day-dreaming for way too long instead of just doing other things, such as blogging or editing pictures or simply updating my diary. It’s also crazy hard to juggle time during the week, but I think it might get easier during the next few weeks, when it’s cold and I don’t feel like going outside that much.

9) Finally start with graphic design courses – online or in-person.

Goes hand in hand with resolution number 2. Perhaps once I start taking more classes, I’ll be able to focus on finding a job in the creative field and to also use these skills towards the book. So many options, so little time, it seems.

All of the aforementioned points quite randomly make out for 9 New Year resolutions in total.

I know, all of this seems like a pretty unrelated and high amount to achieve over the course of one year. At least to me it does. Indeed, I am curious to see how much I’ve accomplished in 365 days from now. The truth is – I am not expecting all of these resolutions to come true. But it’s always nice to set some goals and most of the aforementioned ones actually complement each other quite nicely (such as number 2 and 9).

This year, I can feel my soul really aching and craving to change my life in a completely different direction. I think I am finally ready to take things in my own hands and move into a direction I was too afraid to go or not motivated to take in the past.

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One thought on “New Year Resolutions: How Are We Doing Almost Three Weeks into the New Year?

  1. That all sounds great, Laura! So exciting to hear all about your plans for photography too. I cannot wait to follow your journey! xoxo

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