Travel Plans for 2016: It Begins


It’s a brand-new year- since 9 long days already. And with excitement of the New Year come of course a few new resolutions, which in my case are synonymous to travel plans. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a few destinations picked out for this upcoming year already. The first confirmed trip of 2016 is indeed a visit back home.


After my last trip in April, I’ve really fallen in love with Iceland. That country in particular has really gotten the best of me so I opted to make a longer layover out of it when visiting the homeland again. The ideal time for one was found after reading an article on how the northern lights will be a disappearing phenomenon over the next 11 years. Since the solar system cycle changes every 11 years, the next decade will be the time span during which they will be harder to detect than before. After a friend pointed this out to me in November already, I was seriously looking into the matter of booking a trip before winter ends.


And voila, from February 4 through February 10 I will be once again in the land of fire and ice, this time at a much whiter and colder time than 9 months ago. While the flights have been booked, I haven’t however finalized the entire itinerary. I am still torn between renting a car and doing a mini-version of the ring road, which usually takes 8 -10 days to complete. I am not sure if 6 days will suffice in seeing all the beauty along the way. Or if I should simply go with an experienced tour guide and climb glaciers, trek through ice cages and do an overnight tour, which would be around the same cost for 48 hours than a car-rental is for 5 days (not including gas, though)…
If you have any thoughts or ideas on this, they are highly welcome!


Then, I will land in Frankfurt and spend my first week back at home. Altogether I will be in Europe for two weeks (not including Iceland) and a fair amount of it will be in Germany. Despite the obvious mess, confusion and chaos that has erupted after New Year’s Eve in the past months, I am beyond excited to be back home again and to see what exactly is going on. It will surely be a great experience to meet with friends and family and to chill in the Southwestern country side. Perhaps I will be lucky and can go on snow hikes or do other outdoorsy stuff.

Sometime in between, five short days will be dedicated for exploring the UK: First Edinburgh for two days and then London for three. Need I emphasize how stoked I am to be discovering this hidden Scottish gem and to be back in England’s capital after spending a great trip over here back in 2011 (read more here and here)? True, February might be an odd time to visit. But I am sure that after going through some treacherous winters here in New York, Europe’s winter is not as awful after all.

london at bridge

There are a few other travel destinations for the upcoming six months. Another one is the thought to spend my 29th birthday in South America – a continent I have yet to visit and which I am burning to see for so long. Then of course a few local trips here in the US and perhaps taking advantage of some last-minute deals and offers. You must wonder if have hit the lotto or become rich all of a sudden. Indeed, I can assure you that unfortunately nothing much has changed income-wise. I’ve therefore decided to look for another side income gig once I get back from Europe in order to afford the upcoming trips.

Usually after summer time, I tend to re-evaluate and reflect on the year’s progress and make plans about where I want to see myself in the next half of the year or beyond. By this time I will also have more clarity on my major travel plans of re-locating to a different country. Some of you may still remember the world travel post from 2013 (yicks, how time flies!). I am still very much considering applying for a work & travel visa to Oz, and since I am left with 1 1/2 short years from now to complete this request, I will most likely know more in 6 months time from today. You see, sometimes life happens and New York has so far been a pretty amazing and inspiring place to spend a good amount of my twenties in. But at the same time I cannot ignore my soul and its needs. And my soul has always wanted me to experience new places, to see what other cultures are out there and to force me to take on new challenges and heights. Spending a good deal of time in a different environment will most likely be one of the best things I can think of right now. But that is still left to the future and more tentative planning.


What are your travel plans, if any? Or will you stay put this year and concentrate on other things?

2 thoughts on “Travel Plans for 2016: It Begins

    • Maybe. I’d probably like to see it during summer time after my upcoming winter trip so perhaps if date and time allow we will find a way! If not – you really have to go!

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