Riding the MTA Nostalgia Train: A Throwback to the 1930ies


It was only fairly recently during which I discovered another nice local thing to do in New York. The MTA Nostalgia Train springs into existence every year around the holiday season, from the end of November to the end of December. While I had taken great advantage of it last year, I’ve also come to ride it a couple of times during this season. The first time was two weeks ago, when it was hosting its populr Jazzage Lawn Party Version. Only once during those five weekends people dress up like in the 1920ies. Several bands play in the different cars and people dance to it or throw other postures. Right after the train’s last ride, there is usually a party at the Transit Museum (which tends to be sold out immediately).






This year, I had gotten together with a few friends and we went from train car to train car, sometimes having to jump out of it and run to the next one, since it was so crowded. The Jazzage version was fun to witness and the bands were as good as in last year. I met Laura from VivereNY again (we had met for the very first time last year after being Instagram Buddies for years). Check out her Italian Blog on all Things in NY and this event here. Another friend called Laura and I ended up taking the train a full round from 2 Ave to Queens and back (which takes about 1 1/2 hours). I even dressed up a tiny bit but not as extensive as these fellas. Here are a few more pictures of how jolly the mood was on the Nostalgia Train.

Laura from Vivere New York
Laura from Vivere New York






Last weekend I had a different group of friends who wanted to check out what the Vintage Train was about. This time a few people were still dressed up but it wasn’t as elaborate of an event as it had been the weekend before. Still, the different cars and posters made up for it. Every car is from a different time period and I believe it goes anywhere from the 1930 to 1950ies. More can be seen in the actual Transit Museum. It’s fascinating how simple things, such as poles, seat covers, and lights (from the warm color to neon daylight) changed over the years.





Trains nowadays almost appear bland compared to the rich colorfulness of back in the days.
Here are a few highlights from last year, when I had already posted a blog on it and we continued on riding it to the end of the year:






Today is the last day to ride the Vintage Train. Train departs at 2:30pm and 4pm from the 2 Av stop in downtown Manhattan. Get your holiday fix on and let me know how it goes!


4 thoughts on “Riding the MTA Nostalgia Train: A Throwback to the 1930ies

  1. […] The MTA Holiday Train is quite unique and I’m not sure for how long it’s been around. I’ve been enjoying it from 2014 and onwards, but have yet to ride it this season. It was an amazing experience the last two years. The train features vintage cars (which can be seen in the museum throughout the rest of the year) with vintage wall art, posters, and signs. Sometimes you get lucky and see the Jazz crowd, which dresses up like in the 1920ies. Other times you can still see quite some dressed up people with great costumes on. […]

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