Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho: The Warmest Christmas Eve in a While


It’s Christmas Eve. One of the most important holidays in the Westernized (and Christianized) world. While I was considering a recap of how I spent Christmas in the past few years, I cannot fathom how warm it is outside and how little it feels like a winter holiday today. So as I put on my T-shirt on (since it’s a whopping 70 degrees (22 Celsius) outside) and pack my bags, I am recapping the festive spirit in town, that has been going on in the past month.

A few weeks ago, SantaCon once again managed to annoy get together a large group of people and drunkenly stumble from Williamsburg over the bridge into Manhattan while ending in the East Village. A friend of mine told me that since the founder lives in the East Village, it will always either end or start there, so I guess it makes sense now, after all the years I spent wondering about this area… Here is a picture of Santas on bikes outside of the City Center in New York and here is another picture of me and some friend’s participating in the event three years ago, when it was still fun to be around drunk people, as opposed to nowadays, when it’s just another reason to puke into the bushes on a Saturday morning…


5 SantaCon 2012 - at the charlestown brooklyn

From Midtown, I made my way over to the Rockefeller Center. Once again, on a Saturday. Of course it was slam-packed with the usual amount of tourists. Part of me is pretty happy that I don’t have to do this on the actual Christmas holiday, since I will be out of town. Other parts of me was pretty fascinated by the singing and dancing Salvation Army people. I guess they really worked for the donations they got. Do they employ professional singers over there? A question that will perhaps remain unanswered…



Last but not least, the Nostalgia Train! Just like last year, I’ve gotten to see some pretty cool dressed-up people during the Jazzage Lawn Party version of this two weekends ago. I also rode it this past weekend – as it’s never hard to find willing friends who want to experience it a couple of times. A separate post will follow but for now these few pictures will have to do!




Merry Christmas and a happy holiday! Wishing you some colder weather than over here…

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