On Choosing Your Battles Wisely: The Countdown to 2016 is On!

One of the featured images in my first photography book
One of the featured images in my first photography book

This year marked a great comeback to my personal blog German-American Abroad. While I had somehow neglected writing in 2014 and couldn’t find much time for it in 2013, either, this year of 2015 was different in many ways. It stands for the year of a few blogging challenges (such as writing for 30 continuous days) and other great occurrences which animated me to simply sit down and write my heart out without too many regrets. While counting throw this year’s posts, I’ve noticed that I only have 13 more to go until I hit 100 blog posts for the year. True, while I was able to accomplish that amount in 6 months back in 2011 (when this blog was still fresh, my heart was yearning for a writing career and I had been in desperate need of a hobby), I still consider this a great victory overall – seeing how little I had blogged in the previous two years.

With the high amount of “things” I have been up to lately, I will still try to shove in those last 12 posts after this one, no matter to what sacrifice. I guess sometimes we have to choose our battles wisely, so I am reposting what I had put on my photography blog not too long ago (see the full post here).


I am currently in the tedious but also extremely satisfying process of weeding through a few thousand images, all captured at night, in order to put together material for my very first photography book. It will be on the topic of New York and it will be about night time, so overall I think I have a pretty good outlook of achieving a beautifully composed fine art book about the dashing nights of the Big Apple. While excitement rules in the background, lots of exhaustion is still in the foreground and lots of realization in terms of whether or not the material is really what I need.

So while I am editing, throwing out, and editing all of these images, I still want to get it going on the writing front. Please bear with me, as I am starting the countdown towards 2016 and still want to get enough rest at night to be a normal human being during the day… In addition to all of this, I have also been accepted to an amazing photography program, which will keep me occupied roaming the streets of Downtown Brooklyn in the wee hours and on weekend nights.

Sometimes you have to choose your battles wisely!


2 thoughts on “On Choosing Your Battles Wisely: The Countdown to 2016 is On!

  1. Oh my gosh! Congrats on the photography course!!! I cannot WAIT to hear more about it!

    And I am so very glad that you feel like you have found your way back to blogging. Sending you lots of luck in getting your last 12 done! xoxo

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