Philadelphia Again: Spending the Christmas Holidays in a Magical Town


The past few days have been fun-packed with some proper action. I had the chance to experience Philadelphia over the holidays and spent some quality time with the extended family. My cousin still lives close-by and he invited me over to spend the end of the year with his wife and her relatives. It was just the right amount of relaxation I had needed. Aside from watching the new Star Wars movie (I can only recommend it!) and eating a bunch of Read More »

Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho: The Warmest Christmas Eve in a While


It’s Christmas Eve. One of the most important holidays in the Westernized (and Christianized) world. While I was considering a recap of how I spent Christmas in the past few years, I cannot fathom how warm it is outside and how little it feels like a winter holiday today. So as I put on my T-shirt on (since it’s a whopping 70 degrees (22 Celsius) outside) and pack my bags, I am recapping the festive spirit in town, that has been going on in the past month. Read More »

Redeeming the NYC ID Memberships: The Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Chile Pepper Festival


Remember back in May when I was talking about the free NYC ID and all the cultural perks that come with it? Well, starting September I actually realized that I only have a couple of months left to redeem all of my free memberships until the end of the year so I made sure to get on it. The first stop my friend (a fellow NYC ID carrier) and I made, was the wonderful Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The BK Botanical has always been of my favorite weekend hangout spot. Read More »

On Choosing Your Battles Wisely: The Countdown to 2016 is On!

One of the featured images in my first photography book
One of the featured images in my first photography book

This year marked a great comeback to my personal blog German-American Abroad. While I had somehow neglected writing in 2014 and couldn’t find much time for it in 2013, either, this year of 2015 was different in many ways. It stands for the year of a few blogging challenges (such as writing for 30 continuous days) and other great occurrences which animated me to simply sit down and write my heart out without too many regrets.Read More »