Spending 28 Hours in Vancouver: Seeing the Very Best of British Columbia (Part 2)

Vancouver City sights
Vancouver City sights

I started off my second stretch by first getting breakfast and meeting some cool travelers at the hostel. One was an Australian girl doing her working holiday in Canada. She was 30 and was looking for more mature jobs, as she put it. “I do have those eight years of office experience, might as well put them into use” she half-jokingly said before disappearing behind her laptop screen.

Hostel life in general is so very much inspiring. It’s become my favorite way of traveling, at least over the short run. In the long run, I guess all the people can become annoying but for a few weeks or even days you are literally immersed into a whole new world, where everything becomes possible especially after seeing how that 18-year-old-teenie is hiking from one continent to another. Indeed, I was asked multiple times where my next destination was and I almost didn’t have the guts to say that I was really only visiting the West Coast for less than two weeks, because I could and I wanted to. Others always seem to have a more exciting life but then again, we can’t be in travel mode forever, right?

Trolley views
Trolley views

My first stop was a hair school close to Chinatown. Yup, you heard right. I had decided on getting my hair cut and what cheaper way than at a hair school? It turned out decent but the only thing I had to complain about is that it took way too long especially since the student was not 100 percent focused and kept talking to her colleagues. At one point, I had to blow dry my hair to finally get out of there but what can you say for $12 a pop? After this rather interesting experience, I moved on to Gastown. Chinatown overall seemed like a rather seedy place to be – especially after seeing the amount of homeless and drug addicts I ran into. Gastown on the other hand was the total opposite: Touristy, quaint, overpriced.
I ordered mussels for lunch. Great food overall. I also saw the legendary Gastown clock, even though I still don’t know exactly why it’s legendary.



While walking over to Stanley Park, I observed a few waterjets take off and land at Vancouver Harbour. It must be such a fulfilling job when being able to fly onto both land and water with those things.



Stanley Park, or rather the short snippet I got to see from it, looked pretty cool. Green, lots of bike roads and great scenery. A bit of a the Vancouver skyline could be seen from here.

Stanley Park
Stanley Park

I was pretty satisfied with my overall time spent in this city. Even though I got lost on my way back to the main train station. Somehow I took the tube in the wrong direction and had to backtrack. I was just on time for my train when I noticed that I had lost my ticket somehow. Luckily the nice Canadian employees issued me a new one after seeing my online receipt. If this had happened in the US I think I would have needed to buy a new one. The train ride back to Seattle was gorgeous and we rode right into the sun. We were also on the water for a bit. Overall, we must have been delayed for an hour and I was late arriving in Seattle – ready for my bed and more adventures.

Over the water via Amtrak
Over the water via Amtrak

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