Underwater Magic: Snorkeling in Puerto Rico


It’s Friday the 17th, which means I get to take it a bit easy before the weekend starts. Happy Friday, everyone! Today was actually an unusual day, because I decided to finally go ahead and stop procrastinating. Remember that trip to Puerto Rico I took about 6 weeks ago? Well, while snorkeling close to the island of Culebra, I had actually snapped a few underwater images with a cheap camera in an even cheaper underwater casing. Although the entire deal cost me somewhere around $20, I got to snap away a total of 27 images. Now, developing these pictures turned out to be a bit harder than thought. First, I acted like a complete moron when it came to getting the film out of that camera. I must have owned a similar one when I was only 10 years old (remember the 90ies?!) but for some reason as a 28-year-old adult it was so much harder to rewind it than almost two decades earlier as a child.

Second, I had no clue as to how and where to develop it. Since I wasn’t able to take the film out of the camera, I figured my best bet would be to walk into a place and have them do it for me. All the drugstores I had gone to were of no real help because they mailed their film to an outsider spot. So that was a no. But then a co-worker told me about a cute family-owned place in Park Slope (where I live!). And I decided to check them out today! I walked only half an hour over there (much less than a subway-ride to the city) and had my film developed and even scanned onto a digital CD within less than one hour. Even better, one of the owners showed me how to rewind the film in case I needed the camera for future use.

Now, the pictures themselves are actually not as spectacular as I had planned them on being. I tried editing a few here and there but I just can’t get over the murkiness of the water. I swear that I was able to see things way more clear than this camera was. At least that’s what my memory keeps telling me. Either way, some snaps turned out pretty cool and I am still happy to have these images as a cute souvenir of my actual birthday.















For some reason, it’s pretty comforting to just pick up a freshly developed prints and not being able to know what’s in it. It reminds me of the good old days. I also thought the pictures would have turned out more colorful but that might be because of the type of film or murkiness of the water. Overall, the ocean had been a few degrees greener than depicted.

I think I understand more clearly now why a higher amount of people are into photography today than they were during the good ole’ film days. Although it must be part of a great game not to know how a print turns out, the instant reward is just so much higher when looking at the back of your screen and seeing results right away. Technology rocks, doesn’t it?

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