Taking Advantage of Free Events: Dance and Music Time in the Big Apple

After listing extensively a few free options and events happening in New York (see more here, here, and here), I’ve decided to finally devote some of my time this week to check a few of these items off my list.

1) Free Sunset Salsa on the Hudson

sunset salsa

Our first adventure was when doing Sunset Salsa with Talia on the Hudson Riverfront.
Free Salsa is offered every Tuesday at Pier 45, which is on the West Side and around W9th Street, so ultimately you walk through the West Village and past Magnolia Bakery to get here. Starting at 6:30pm, there is a 45min-long free class for beginners, in which steps are shown by two talented instructors. After this, the music starts and there is a free salsa party until sunset and beyond (so perhaps 9pm or longer). We went this past Tuesday and stayed for 2 hours, but even when we left at 8:30pm Pier 45 was still pretty crowded despite the forecast of rain and the stark humidity in the air. I’m certainly no pro when it comes to Salsa-dancing but luckily I was with two Brazilian friends who were willing to show me some dance steps. It seems that you can dance with almost anyone (even the instructors), and partners vary from dance to dance. If you don’t want to dance with that weird middle-aged man, then you don’t have to, either.

2) Free Concerts in Central Park


Just one day later, on Wednesday, I finally got to check out the glorious Summerstage in Central Park again. This time we were waiting for a cool Mexican band called Helado negro (yes, you read right: Black Ice cream!). Of course there were a few other Latin bands beforehand, such as Compass and Systema Solar. And it was once again a pretty sweltering heat situation, although it did help that it was night time already. Despite it being in the middle of the week, I was pretty impressed by the crowds that came out. Just the right amount of people to not make you feel like an idiot for coming but also little enough to not be bothered by anyone dancing into you. Perhaps visiting concerts at Summerstage during the week is a pretty cool alternative than coming on the usually overcrowded weekends.

3) Free Yoga in Bryant Park

yoga in bryant park

Almost two weeks back I got to participate in free Yoga in Bryant Park together with a friend. We went for the 10am class on a Tuesday morning. Surprisingly it was pretty packed with almost 300 people (at least that’s what the instructor counted). The session was roughly one hour long and actually not an absolute beginner’s class. My friend said that it was a bit challenging because of the heat outdoors (even though we were in the shade mostly). I guess that’s always a bit of an issue when running or doing fitness outside during the hot summer months here. But it’s also perfect for preparing you for harsh conditions. I do have to say that overall this summer has not yet been overly hot (yet) and I am also thankful for it.

I guess I will continue on updating you on some other events going on here as time goes by. Namaste and have a great weekend!

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