The Perception of Time When Traveling and When at Home

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It always baffles me how different time is perceived when on travels and when at home. When I am traveling, it seems like I manage to cram in a lot of things in a short time frame but still have some time left for the essentials and on occasion I am able to do even more than that. When at home, basic chores, such as grocery shopping or doing laundry, suddenly become a real day to day challenge and I am almost unable to socialize with the people around me in addition to all the other things I have going on.

I don’t know what exactly causes this perceived difference in time, but I’ve been battling it for quite a bit now. My time management skills have been out of control in addition to estimating how much time a certain activity takes, be it here or abroad. When planning in fun things, such as sightseeing tours, I either completely under- or overestimate how much time it will take but I am never even close to reality at the end of the day. I guess living chaotically when on travels is not a bad thing as long as fun does not take its toll.

I just wished I would be able to keep the chaos out of everyday life when back at home. It also always seems to take a while to adjust back to a routine day or week since the travel excitement takes a bit to subside.

The concept of time can be a funny thing. Some say time is an illusion but it seems to be a solid way to measure activities, such as sleeping, working, writing, and being. Living in pressure correlates strongly with giving oneself a certain amount of time to accomplish a certain task or goal. When in a more mundane environment, I tend to set my goals a bit higher than elsewhere which makes it hard to achieve them. For example, there are a ton of classes and seminars I would like to accomplish over the summer but I simply know I won’t be able to, due to lack of time. There is only a certain amount of subjects I could actually take before social and work life start to suffer, so I guess I will have to take one step at a time.

And yet, I am slightly in awe and also mortified by the fact that some people never seem to have a time problem and do so many things at once that it makes me quite dizzy. How do they accomplish all of that in one day, I ask myself sometimes. I hope I am not the only one who thinks she is lacking some super(wo)man skills in everyday life.

How do you perceive time when you travel and when you are at home? Do you ever have troubles accomplishing things in both settings?

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4 thoughts on “The Perception of Time When Traveling and When at Home

  1. I have never consciously thought of this before and it is so true … I have the exact same issue. Now I’ll be thinking about this all day … 🙂

  2. I think that when you are at home, things become ordinary and you tend to postpone tasks and just waste away then you realize time is up and there are still things to do.. but when you are travelling, you know that time is limited.. so you do as much as you can… but it is tiring and stressful if you do that on every day routine so just enjoy it i guess

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