New Design: The Nucleare Theme

It’s happened! I’ve finally taken German-American Abroad to a new design level!

After keeping the old (over-worn) design of the Twenty Ten Theme for nearly 4 years, I’ve finally decided it was time for a make-over. So I browsed through a some themes in the Customize section of WordPress and tried out quite a few before making the final decision.

themes overview

These ones were runner-ups and will certainly be considered for future make-overs.


After browsing through most of the free themes, I’ve come up with a comprehensive subjective list of things that are important to me.

The following points break it down:

1) Ability to keep my extensive amount of widgets on the sidebar.
2) Easy access to the pages bar.
3) Comprehensive and easy look when clicking on the start page.
4) Easy navigational access to other sites, areas, tags, and categories.
5) A calendar to keep myself and my readers motivated.
6) Interaction with and easy list of my other social media sites, such as Twitter.
7) A neat overlap to my second blog, which is photography-focused.
8) Last but not least: Easy on the eye when scrolling through it. No overload of information.

After rounding up these few points via trial and error, I found my current favorite: the Nucleare Theme.

It allowed me to put a bunch of stuff in the sidebar section. See how awesome Twitter and Instagram looks now!

new design twitter

It also allowed me to put a bunch of stuff in the footer section, such as social media icons.

new design footer

And I am able to click on any of my pages from the start page and whenever I access any of the posts.

Last but not least I am able to use a logo. Once I’ve designed a proper logo, I think I will take full advantage of it!

new design 1

Of course this does not mean that I will keep the theme for the next 4 years again. I am glad that I made the step to change and didn’t spend a fortune other than a few hours in the morning to figure it out.


Old Design
Old Design

…and new!

New Design
New Design

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