Fleet Week 2015: It’s Coming, It’s Coming!

Fleet Week NYC
Fleet Week NYC

One of my most favorite summer activities is starting on Tuesday: Fleet Week in New York! As in the previous years, thousands of sailors, marines and whatnots are going to flock out to the Big Apple and bring some patriotic vibes to the city. Fleetweek is always a lot of fun, as activities evolve all around spending time with family and friends and doing some exciting things you wouldn’t necessarily get to do on a normal weekday here in Manhattan. Find a full list of the entire program here. If you’re a vet, you get to skip a lot of lines, so that’s a perk.

See my post on 2011 and how I watched concerts in Times Square here. The ex-roomie, my friend and I actually checked out Ruby’s Bar quite a bit during that time. Other than strolling around on one of the hottest Maydays in history, I also snapped this great picture of a few mates holding up a tourist.

fw 2011 random guy and marines

See my post on 2012 and how I got to visit the USS Wasp here. I checked out the boat close to the Intrepid on actual Memorial Day and was in and out of Hell’s Kitchen during that entire week.

FW- ich mit flaggen

Unfortunately Bloomberg stopped Fleet Week in 2013, so no exciting post here. However, in 2014 I got to check out the USS Wasp once again. Last year the common theme was taking a selfie with a solider, so I made sure to get lots of pictures relating to that. I actually still follow a few of the sailors on Instagram and Twitter and their updates have been pretty solid since I last saw then.

Selfie with a Sailor
Selfie with a Sailor

This year I will try to make it out to Times Square and perhaps the boat once again. We will see as time permits! Even though Fleet Week is throughout the five boroughs and parts of NJ, most of the action takes place in Manhattan and around Hell’s Kitchen.

FW - three marines towards boat

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