Recapping the Past 9 Days: Back on Board

7th day

I started the 30-Day-Blogging-Challenge over again and this is my 9th day! I am pretty excited to have followed through and only missed one day so far. I am hoping that the challenge will give me enough opportunity to blog about my most recent trip and hopefully also the West Coast Trip. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and this might just be the right opportunity for it…

Below you can find a quick summary on each post with all the necessary links.

Day 1: Starting Out Fresh: Trying the 30-Day-Blogging-Challenge Again
My motivation to not end with the 21 posts from the last challenge but simply start the challenge from scratch again. This time with a few new angles to include.

Day 2: Sakura Matsuri: Cherry Blossom Festival in Brooklyn
One of the funnest events this spring, which I’ve attended so far. The cherry blossoms bloomed and with it a multitude of ideas, stands, and people to go along during this festival.

Day 3: Plato’s Cave Analogy
This had me thinking on why some people like to stay inside the cave while others do not. It also had me thinking why some people return to the cave and some simply can never return.

Day 4: My Trip to Europe in Spring 2015
Preluding all the posts that have yet to come on three different countries I got to visit last month.

Day 5: The First Day: Frankfurt and Its Peculiarities
Once deemed ugliest city of Germany by moi, I have really turned around 180 degrees and formed a new impression on it. Frankfurt – worth the visit!

Day 6: Spending Some Time at Home for the First Time in Two Years
How it is to meet friends, family, and culture when gone for two long years. The country and the hometown – all changed but still there.

Day 7: The Ultimate Nature Retreat in Germany
One of the best nature hikes I had was when trekking around my hometown and exploring Eifel Germany with the parents.

Day 8: Heidelberg Tales: Re-Connecting with Old Friends
This old student town will always have a special place in my heart. Not enough that I keep coming back to it but it always shows me some new sides whenever I visit.

Thank you once again for following through on the previous posts. I know that everyone has been crazy busy lately and that summer has come around. This also means that my motivation to be in front of a computer all day long has pretty much gone from 10 – 0 within the past few weeks. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. Despite the obvious, I am trying to combine outdoors activities with writing.

Let’s move on to Day 10!

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