Bands, Vintage Flair & More: Experiencing the Brooklyn Night Bazaar

BK bazaar flower head

Brooklyn has a variety of neat things going on. From art exhibits over free music venues to food stands – there is always something to discover, no matter what given day of the week. One great event that I like to attend on weekend nights (and whenever my schedule allows), is the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Although it must have been established years ago, I’ve only recently come across it. Last April was my first time at the Greenpoint Bazaar and I have so far been 4 more times.

What’s it all about? As the name implies, it’s a pretty cool vendor space and only on Friday and Saturday nights. When my friend and I first got there a year ago, there was so much to take in: The vendors, the food, the drinks, the games, the vibes…

Opening Hall to the Bazaar
Opening Hall to the Bazaar

We strolled past a few people playing skeeball and grabbed a pretzel filled with goat cheese and other goodies from Sigmund Pretzel Shop. We then continued to watch an up-and-coming band perform. Since we had come for the vendors mainly, we got stuck at one that offered some flowery headbands and more silly fashion accessories. I was considering buying one of the elaborate headbands for the annual Jazzage Lawn Party but then passed. Perhaps this year I will.

Goofy head accessory
Goofy head accessory
Pretzels from Sigmund NY
Pretzels from Sigmund NY

A good amount of vendors are vintage-inspired, so there is some good grub to be found here. In alliance with the typical Williamsburg/ Greenpoint art theme, you can find lots of original jewelry. Whenever I am at the bazaar, I always tend to get stuck at We See Stars. I must have given them $100 worth of sales already, which is quite a bit since some of their vintage rings and earrings only cost $10 a pop.

Other than jewelry, there are (vintage) sunglasses, clothes, shoes… You name it! In addition, you can also see some art, such as paintings, and some original inventions.

Sometimes you can find the same vendors there all the time. Other times, vendors only come once, to introduce their business and feel out the scope in the “hipsterized” scene. Spaces are dark and have to be lit themselves so sometimes you really have to inspect an item before buying it. Overall, it’s a quite casual theme with the typical drunk, barely of age people. I’ve always had fun coming here, and mostly I’ve been here by myself. I went yesterday to buy another set of tiny rings, but now I think I should steer clear from jewelry vendors for a while.

Vintage rings from We See Stars
Vintage rings from We See Stars
Bands and more
Bands and more

Entrance is free of charge, just make sure to bring your ID, as you’ll always be checked. The Night Bazaar runs from 7pm to 1am, so be there in time. It’s conveniently located off the Nassau Av stop on the G and the Bedford stop of the L is not overly far away, either. If you feel like grabbing a drink after the Bazaar, you can certainly do so in one of the quazillion amount of bars around. I tend to frequent the Spritzenhaus, since it’s on the way back to the G-train and offers some great beer.

BK bazaar streets

Find more info on the Brooklyn Night Bazaar on their website.


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