WordPress Versus Blogger: How I Chose My Blogging Platform


When I made the decision back in May 2011 to start my own blog, I was considering my options while browsing the web. Today, the two most significant blogs for writing remain the same they were back then: WordPress and Blogger. Since I had a lot of friends give WordPress a go and tell me how easy their interface was to work with, I ultimately decided for WP. However, I’ve come to notice a few features, which underline the decision I’ve made in starting two different blogs via this platform.

1) The WordPress Community

I’m not exactly sure how it works for Blogger, but WP has a great community going on. Featuring Freshly Pressed articles, newest posts in your reader feed (once you start following people), and being able to browse through similar topics you’ve written about. Not only have I reconnected with old friends by those means but I’ve been able to form some new and exciting online friendships and intellectual exchanges. Most of my readers are fellow bloggers and it’s always great to see their thoughtful comments in the notification tab.
I’ve also been able to stumble across some great (new) writers via the Freshly Pressed features. More people to follow! While unfortunately I haven’t been Freshly Pressed to this date (hint! hint!), I’ve always enjoyed reading on a diversity of topics via its means. It’s also fascinating to me how some writers have a blog for a limited amount of time and then you don’t hear from them ever again. If it weren’t for the browse topics button, I probably would have never heard of them.

2) The Incredibly Easy Interface

The interface makes it incredible easy to follow other bloggers, to switch in between my two blogs, and to scroll through the stats. WP seems to update the interface on a regular basis, as it has significantly changed from the first year I’ve had the blog. Updates can sometimes be a good thing and so far I’ve still been able to navigate through WP without too many troubles. However, I do have friends who for some reason have run into hassles, especially with self-hosted accounts.
With wordpress.com, I am able to pre-write posts and schedule them for publication hours days/ weeks/ months later. I am also able to configure to other social media whenever I write a new blog post (such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). I’m not necessarily a tech guru, so if I can do all of this on WP, then I am sure it can be seen as highly user-friendly.

3) The Fantastic Themes

I’ve really fallen in love with the thematic preview button, which lets you go through a variety of new themes for your blog before you make an ultimate decision. WP Themes can be pretty funky with some having so many slight differences in nuances. At the same time it can be frustrating to have so many options availabe when the differences sometimes are not significant enough. I’ve been able to find suitable ones for both the writing and photo blog by achieving a different look for both. WP bunches themes in different categories, which was certainly helpful when deciding on the two blogs.
I’m sure Blogger also has great templates, but sometimes I do wonder whether or not the variety is larger at WP.

These three factors have remained among the most important ones for me when considering a blogging platform. I’ve so far been pretty satisfied with WP and what it has to offer. But who knows if I had been happy with Blogger, too? The article Blogger vs. WordPress.com: A Complete Comparison sums up some great points on each blogging platform.


What are your thoughts on Blogger versus WordPress? Do you regret having a blog at either one and did you have to switch at some point?

3 thoughts on “WordPress Versus Blogger: How I Chose My Blogging Platform

  1. Love your blog as usual. What’s interesting is today I got an email from a publishing company, because I decided to submit a blog, and was told that it was too bloggy. I couldn’t have laughed hard enough, but I understand what they’re saying. It seems I may have to change my style up just slightly so my messages can get out there. As for word press, I totally agree with that you’ve mentioned. I think it’s time I go find more people to follow myself.

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