Taking Artsy Classes in NY: BRIC, 92nd St Y and More

Courtesy of http://www.penslingers.com/
Courtesy of http://www.penslingers.com/

I’ve been recently trying to expand my creative horizon by using my flexible work schedule and time off to my advantage. In addition to seeing some pretty inspiring shows and theatre last month, I’ve also come across some great websites when it comes to taking reasonably priced art classes in New York.

I’ve been looking forward to furthering my interest in certain artsy areas, such as graphic design, calligraphy, drawing… After doing some research and following through on word-of-mouth recommendations, I discovered some pretty rad programs throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.

1) BRIC Arts Media

I am currently enrolled in an Intro to Graphic Design course with these fellows. BRIC is a nonprofit arts and media organization, which organizes the glorious Celebrate Brooklyn! each and every year. It is community aimed and makes sure that local art and artists get out there. In addition, BRIC offers certification and non-certification courses in various realms. Some of these being: Intro to TV studio production, DSLR photography, videography, motion animation… The certified courses differ in time and cost from the non-certified courses. BRIC also offers free courses, which are usually given by the Central Brooklyn Library in Prospect Heights.

I started taking a basic graphic design course this week and am so far satisfied with the amount of attention and technical skills I have received. By the end of this course, we should be able to design our own business card, poster, and basic logo. The teacher also patiently answers all of our questions and offers some of her free time after the course to sit with us and go through our Photoshop troubles.

bric logo

2) 92nd Street Y

The 92nd St Y (not to be confused with a YMCA, like I thought in the beginning) has a broader array of classes and pretty much anything your artsy heart desires. It considers itself a “world-class cultural and community center”, which hosts studios, workshops and classes to artists in NY. What is pretty neat about this institution is that all professional levels can come together and find something to suit their needs – be it an intro or advanced class. It is here that I found some great dance and also drawing lessons, which I might try out in the future months.
You can dip into art, dance, sports for reasonable prices, as classes average around $20, with a purchase of a 6-10-week-session. If you want to involve your entire family, you can also find classes for newborns, children, and elderly people. It’s a pretty neat concept they have going on and I am excited that I finally came across it.

3) CourseHorse.com

Course Horse can be found in other cities, as well. It’s an online platform combining best offers for an array of classes throughout New York City. I’ve been told that this can be a magic site for the rather unusual sports activities, too. My friend is currently taking a handstand class through them and loves it. I guess if my bank account has not yet been exhausted by all of the previous mentioned programs, I will certainly give them a try!

What centers of interest and sites do you guys use when it comes to finding some cost-effective, furthering education in arts, sports, and thereof?

2 thoughts on “Taking Artsy Classes in NY: BRIC, 92nd St Y and More

  1. So excited for you doing the graphic design! All things that will help expand you more and have so much more to write about! 😀

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