Thanksgiving is tomorrow and some of these questions have to do with being thankful for what you have in life. I therefore thought it would be a great day to share this quick survey and my answers. Liz from Be.Love.Live has come up with the questions, find her answers to a different set of questions here.

1. What moment from your life always makes you smile when you remember it?

There are a lot of moments but the most recent one would be when I visited my friend in Florida and we were having a music-inspired evening at the beach. He had just started harping a few sounds on his harmonica when the sprinklers turned on and we had to run away, as not to be drenched in fountain water. It was hilarious. As we were running towards safer grounds, more and more sprinklers turned on so we really did a lot of running and laughing that night.

2. What are three words to describe who you are (not what you do)?

Creative. Loving. Curious.

3. What movie or tv-series could you watch over + over?

That 70ies show. I’ve grown fond of it my teens and if I had enough time to watch the re-runs, I would probably waste it on that show.

4. What song would be the soundtrack to your life?

Anything inspired by classical music. Most likely a piano or violin solo, supported by a great drum and bass group. Yes, I’ve been to the opera lately…

5. Who is the most memorable/interesting person that you have met in 2014, and why?

I’ve met many inspiring people during this year of change. I guess my heart has been open to it and New York is also a great place for inspiration. Many of these individuals have shown me how I don’t want to live life and about as equally many have inspired me to step into different ways and follow a different path. One person has probably evoked the most change in me and that is my dear photographer friend Kevin who moved to UK and his wife one month ago. He introduced me to Chackra and the healing of the inner self. He also awakened my interest in being a wholer person. That’s partially the reason as to why I started taking a philosophy course this fall and why I am cramming in some reading.

6. You’ve been given a month to travel! Where are you going to go?

That’s a tough one. The two continents that pop into my mind are South America and Asia. I guess I would go for Asia and when that one month is up I would try to hop over to Australia.

7. What websites do you visit every day?

Sadly, I don’t. Or rather, luckily. I’ve tried to stay away from the online world and not become too attached to Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s become a big waste of my time and I cannot afford to spend time on things that are just taking me out of the present moment. I have become quite fond of the Instagram App, if that counts.

8. What is your nighttime routine?

I don’t have one yet. I try to do a daily exercise before bed but would hardly call that my night routine. It involves being in the present moment and awakening to all my senses. I will share more when I am talking about my philosophy course.

9. What is your favorite space in your home? Describe it!

My living room. I’ve hung pictures of my art work and it’s right next to the kitchen so I am able to cook dinner while in it. I admire the two large windows we have. Yesterday it was a sunny, warm day in New York and the curtains were flowing while letting in the fresh air into my life and living room. I share the apartment with two roommates but we haven’t been overly social lately. I will try to have a few parties in this living room to get some great use out of it.

10. What are you longing for?

Inner peace and a wholer self. Living more in the present moment. Not having any anxiety about future or past. It sounds like a lot but it all has to do with feeling more of the deep connection and wisdom that lies within all of us. I believe I am on a right way to all of it. Recognition is the first step to freedom.

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