The Rock I’ve been Hiding Under

Hiding under a rock. Img courtesy of
Hiding under a rock. Img courtesy of

How to start a post after almost 6 months of silence?

This entire year has been one of the most transformative I’ve experienced. Not only in terms of job and job focus but more certainly in terms of relationships and feeding the soul some happiness. I’ve managed to cram in a total of 5 trips from May until now. One of them was a bigger stint to the West Coast and showed me three amazing cities I am strongly considering for future purposes. Then, starting in September, I began life as a student of practical philosophy. While I have never actually taken a philosophy class in my life (not in high school and not in college), this first introduction to it has strongly resonated with me and introduced me to a variety of reading materials. I am currently reading an inspiring book on personal enlightenment (more about it later, hopefully) and am starting to see the world in a much different way than before.

2014 – ‘twas the year of transformation. Changes can hurt and changes have caused much pain throughout this year. However, I feel like I am on my right path no matter what. More importantly, I am ready to start blogging again and to share the great experiences I’ve had on my travels and in the Big Apple.

Of course, carving out time will most likely be the main issue. Be there a will, be there a way.

And most of all, I am still impressed by the amount of daily views this blog has received. Despite its literal non-existent updates in the past half a year. And thank you so much for the total of 40,000 hits German-American Abroad has gotten in the 3 ½ years of online presence. For someone who hasn’t been an avid blogger in the past year or so, that’s a huge compliment.

Thank you, readers!

4 thoughts on “The Rock I’ve been Hiding Under

    • It’s hard to start blogging again after such a long time of silence. But not blogging or moreover feeling the pressure to blog also feels pretty good. I guess it’s a personal priority?

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