Fleet Week 2014: The Fun Has Returned!

[This is a belated post on all the good things occurring during a holiday weekend in New York.]


Every year around Memorial Day Weekend wonderful things tend to happen in this city. Usually, it starts warming up and beach season is called out for the last weekend of May (I said usually, not always, and unfortunately not this year). Then, people get together to grab a hotdog or have a BBQ at each other’s apartments, tiny backyards or on top of their ridiculously wobbly rooftops.

Last, but certainly not least, a ton of sailors and other military types flood the city and make it an almost magical place to be. And indeed, this so-called Fleet Week was in full bloom during the entire past week once again. After being cancelled during the previous year (because Bloomberg New York allegedly did not have the money for it), the sailor’s event was on for 2014. I say this happily, as I am one of those people who really like to watch the events and entertainment going on in the five boroughs, especially in the Manhattan area.

Therefore, this past weekend I was practically glued close to Times Square and saw the groups of white and green flocking through the streets. The amount of uniforms diminished at night, because most were on a curfew at 1am (as every year). But surprisingly others had just come here on their own to celebrate Memorial Day, so they were able to stay out late. There are a ton of events happening during this time:
Free concerts in Time Square, airshows at Jones Beach, and boat tours in Staten Island and Manhattan. For a full list of events, check out the official homepage dedicated to Fleet Week.


Aside from watching the concerts and airshows, visiting the boats can be a great highlight of the sailor’s visit. Standing in a painfully long line and almost suffering a heat stroke aside – it can be quite an entertaining thing to do. On Memorial Day I opted to check out the Navy boat at Pier 92. Of course it was the hottest day in ages. Being in slow-moving line for over an hour (!) perhaps didn’t help. Even though the queue was similar to 2 years ago, there seemed to be way more people this time around. Also, when standing in line, I saw that you were able to snap a picture and hashtag it #fleetweeknyc and #selfiewithasailor, which was new and different from the previous years. From thereon, my goal was to get as many pictures as possible to spread over the world wide web and share with others.





Fleet Week is one of my most favorite events in the City. It jumpstarts summer and all the other lovely events that will be happening in the Tri-State-Area during the hot season. It was great to have it in town again, after the year-long break in between. I love the vibes that are spread and the moods that tend to change from negative into positive. People become happier when the sailors are in town and most events are usually family-oriented so it typically draws a diverse crowd to the masses.

Of course some bars can also be slammed but thanks to the curfew at 1am, that settles it. Although I have to say, that bars were not all too crowded this past weekend. It appeared like a good portion of New Yorkers escaped the city and its until now horrible weather (we did not have an all too hot May month in 2014, which is quite unusual for this city). Fleet Week, boats, and sailors – there is almost nothing which tops the week-long fun.

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Now here are just a few of the #selfieswithasailor I took:




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