Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes For Y’All (Part 2)

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More from Michael Bearden and Power Quote Monday. After coming across his Instagram, I found some really nice posts I wanted to share with you. Last Monday was epic (check it out here) and today will be, too. And look, the sun is shining and it’s actually Read More »

The Performance Project @ University Settlement: Suitcase Stories

Another play I went to quite recently was Suitcase Stories by the Performance Project (The Forum Project). Located at University Settlement on the verge of Chinatown and the Lower East Side, so pretty much in the heart of bars, lounges, and the drunk Bridge-and-Tunnel-crowd during this Saturday eve. Since I hadn’t been there in a while, it was quite pleasant to just stroll the area before the performance. I am always baffled at how New York changes but the LES has sort of stayed the same to when I first moved here, 4 years ago (I also happened to have my very first job there, which makes the neighborhood extra-special to me).

Well the play was one of Read More »

Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes For Y’All (Part 1)

Lately, I’ve been wasting spending some of my precious time on Instagram. Especially after deleting my Facebook account once again. Instagram is actually a cool business, as you can check out whoever without really leaving a trace (unlike Facebook, where you are suggested as “a person of interest” once you scroll through someone else’s profile). Instagram also links a huge community to each other and connects people you would have never thought to come across. In this way it’s similar to blogging, except for that Facebook now owns it and it might therefore be on the verge of corruption ( or at least that is what some people assume).

Michael Bearden on Instagram
Michael Bearden on Instagram

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