Projeto Giganto Reloaded: Fast-forward to 2013

My post on the Giganto from May 2012
My post on the Giganto from May 2012

About one and a half years ago I blogged about Raquel Brust, a young artist and photographer from Sao Paulo. Raquel is the founder of the Projeto Giganto (or: Project Giant), a creation that features large-sized images throughout the Brazilian metropolis. Founded in 2008, the Giganto artist has photographed hundreds of Brazilian residents.

Taking these pictures of mostly aged people, she then prints them out in large dimensions and glues them to public places all over Sao Paulo. The contrast between an aged face in a modernized city, an old-fashioned mind and new ideals, and young and old in general is usually the focus of Raquel’s art work.

It’s all about combining different lives and showing the contrast: The focus of her art are people who have grown past a certain age and who have spent a great amount of time in an urban environment which sometimes has a hard time showing a heart and a soul understanding for their generation. They are marked by the pollution, the constant (traffic) noise, and other typical city exposures – attributes which seem universal to other westernized cities, as well.

So one and a half years ago Raquel went on a big international mission and hung her work – the hand of an old person – in Brooklyn’s most driving neighborhood filled with young people, students, and irresponsible hipsters. You get it – the contrast between young and old once again. It was a great success, this mission in Williamsburg, and it was fun to be a part of the nightly excursion and making sure our little group of people wasn’t caught by the cops before we successfully accomplished our goal. You can read more on it here.

Now, at the end of 2013, Raquel and her Projeto Giganto have FINALLY received national attention in Brazil: She has been featured in well-known publications such as National Geography Brasil, Cultura TV, Noticias, Jornal Nacional – to name just a few. Frankly, I’ve always wondered why it took the media so long to get around to her beautiful story and thoughts. But better late than never, right?

Project Giganto featured online.docx

I am happy for Raquel and I hope that one day she will receive even more international attention (other than my faithful blog).

For more info on a great mind and intention, visit the Giganto’s web site and the Giganto’s Facebook page. If you love what you see, just click the “like” button and support her work.

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