It’s Been A While..

Lately, many things have happened. But then again, many things have not. How do you start a blog you have neglected for almost a month? I know my post #300 is coming up soon. And while I had thought it would be a cool idea to have told most of my stories by then, it simply didn’t happen. The usual dilemma between working long hours and not being able to have much of a personal life has caught up with me in the past 3 weeks. It will be over, soon, though, so perhaps in the coming days or weeks I will have more time to devote to this blog. Hopefully. And also some fresh topics.

Until then I remain one of those faceless zombies who wait for the subway every morning and evening. In a faceless crowd, trying to squeeze into an overfilled train. Rush hour, how I’ve almost forgotten how it felt. And looked. And smelt.


Or how draining it can be to work for not much of a purpose.

Until then: How do you do it? Blogging and having a life? I have asked you this before but I am still curious how you juggle working, buying groceries, meeting with friends, having a hobby, and then posting online? Well, let me know! Suggestions are always welcome.

6 thoughts on “It’s Been A While..

  1. How do I do it? My job is buying groceries with friends and I enjoy it and right now I am posting online about it. Not really….

    I know what you mean though. I’ll do nothing at work all day and still feel too exhausted to post. Glad to see you in and out as often as you can.

    • Haha, always up for a joke. That’s what I liked about you initially – I think. 😉
      I used to have a job where I did nothing at work either, and it can be rather daunting to fiddle around with your smartphone all day long or try to look busy when really you are not. Thanks for your comforting thoughts, much appreciated!

  2. I took a year off from blogging, don’t worry too much about a month!
    One way to think of it is like this: blogging is a job. People take vacations from their jobs, or else they get burnt out.
    Another way to think of it: blogging is a hobby. You can put it down for a while. It doesn’t mean you love doing it any less, you just want or need a break.
    I hope you will have a nice week, Laura. You seem to be down, buy yourself some pretty flowers and try to enjoy a little quiet time if you can. We will be here waiting to see how you are 🙂 hugs!

    • Aw Ginger, thanks for this! I know your year-long-sabbatical leave left you standing in a different light with blogging and all. But you also had a new addition to the family, which must have really turned your life upside down and not left you with much time for hobbies. Busy busy.

      Blogging is a hobby, I totally agree. And an addiction, and a spouse, and a hater, sometimes, always nagging in the back of my head until I cannot ignore it and just have to write.

      You are very attentive – I have been a little down this week. I will follow your advice and buy something nice – perhaps that new pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing and that will be with me for longer than just a couple of days! Thanks, Ginger-Lee!

  3. You know, I truly believe that there are times that are down times, in between times, and times to back away from blogging. While I kept my blog going, I backed away from it some. And that felt good. So, just go with the flow. And when you truly miss it and crave it, then you will find yourself writing away.

    As for how I do it? For me, it has become something that I cannot NOT do. Blogging is like breathing for me, so I force myself to have time. I squeeze it in. But, it doesn’t feel like the torture that it sounds like. It feels like, as I said, breathing. It is some of the most peaceful time that I have during my days. And I simply have to carve out time for it in order to be me. But, I did not come to understand that quickly…

    If you need some time, take it. If you want to write, do it. No matter what, I will be right here waiting. Sending you peace and love in whatever you do.

    • Yup, I truly believe in those down times, too. But it’s good to hear it from another person and especially from a passionate blogger. You have slowed down, but you also had your fika blog going on, so it seems like you were always busy writing and typing away (which is great, I wish I had the discipline to do it, perhaps that is how I am in photography, though).

      See, the torture you describe (and which you do not experience) is something I’ve discovered more and more the less I blog. Just trying to meet (my own) expectations and then still going with the theme of the blog – sometimes it drives me crazy. Perhaps I just have to do some restructuring of my precious online log. Or just go with the flow. I really want to make time every day for writing (not only for the blog but also that book I started back in the days) but somehow I am too exhausted or too distracted at the end of the day. It’s such a vicious cycle and I cannot pull myself out of it most of the times.
      Thanks for your support! Really appreciate it! I can use some peace and love right now so I am claiming it!

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