A SoHo Creation: The Cronut

Cronut Delights
Cronut Delights

This summer has manifested itself as a newcomer in many ways. One of them being a new creation of the bakery world: The Cronut is a mix between a croissant and a doughnut and has been invented by Dominique Ansel. Trademarked this past May 2013 (which is about 5 months ago), it is still a hot seller, especially on those dreadful Monday mornings.

Long waiting lines, heated yelp reviews – who should I believe? Partly the reason as to why I have not tried it out yet, is indeed the fear of being stuck for a long period of time. According to yelp, the Cronut waiting lines still exceed well over 3 hours on any given morning and that has not fit my daily schedule. Not yet.

I am, however, eager to try it one of these days weeks months, so I will keep you updated whenever it happens. In the meanwhile, enjoy this delicious-looking picture of the baked good. Or if you have been one of the lucky ones to try it out yet, let me know IF IT IS WORTH IT!

Yum! I hope I'll overcome my fear of long waiting lines one of these days...
Yum! I hope I’ll overcome my fear of long waiting lines one of these days…

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