Mexico – Ahhh, Where Should I Start?

Coming back to New York has been not so … great. I’ve been here for less than 72 hours and have already gone through a financial nightmare, a fight with my love, and arguments with some unsupportive friends. Ah yes, a weird welcome to being back in New York. A city I didn’t really miss while gone.

While less than 3 days has somehow changed my initially good mood, some great memories of my trip remain in the back of my head. And a strong sense of reassurance that somewhere out there I can count on my two good Mexican chicas who helped me go through the worst and best in the past 2 weeks.

This is not a whiny post. This is a culture shock post. And a travel post: From Ajijic over Guanojuato and San Miguel to Guadalajara, from Tlaquepaque to Tequila – I’ve seen a crazy amount of this wide, vast country in only 14 days. I’ve been forced outside of my comfort zone because comfort can only be found when there is no adventure. I’ve improved my Spanish because in this part of the country no one spoke English. I’ve also been surprised at the warmth and welcoming attitude of people I hardly knew. And dumbfounded when finding out that Mexico is among one of the happiest country in the worlds.

How can a nation with so much poverty be among one of the most satisfied? 80 percent of Mexicans live in poverty. A middle class basically does not exist. And yet, you see smiling folks on the streets, people who really want to help YOU (as a foreigner, an outsider), and individuals who struggle every day to get by but keep their spirits up. A slap in the face to our industrialized countries who could cut a fair slice from this developing country and its attitude.

So yes, Mexico – where do I start? I will ponder over the weekend and have some new posts for you next week! Until then, hasta luego! Enjoy the end of the week!

Is this what your weekend will look like?
Is this what your weekend will look like?

6 thoughts on “Mexico – Ahhh, Where Should I Start?

  1. it would be the same i guess in the philippines.. but i can say that you only scratch the surface… something most foreigners, travelers don’t really see unless you get to live there and dug deep.. i heard this from other foreigners often as well. but a good vacation is always good…

  2. i totally can’t wait to read your posts!! so sorry the trip back to nyc has been a let down. thinking of you…

    • Thanks for your thoughts, it means a lot to me. I am working on a few posts over the weekend, I finally just want to spit it all out and get it done with! Have a great trip!!

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