Ups and Downs Katie: A Shout-Out to Bipolarism

About 6 years ago I woke up in a gutter.When you wake up in a gutter… Well, I say when but I hope it never does happen to you, so let’s say if, if you wake up in a gutter, you will know something is seriously wrong.

-Katie from Ups and Downs Katie

This is the entry post of Katie’s blog, a 31-year old female from Melbourne, Australia. She has been diagnosed with a mental condition called Bipolar Disorder for the past few years. It must have caused and still causes her great dis-ease and she describes how 2012 has so far been her worst year ever.

Do I know her? Yes, I do!

I met Katie about two years ago when we were both staying in the same hostel in DC. Back then, I saw in her a really cool girl who was fun to talk to and hang out with. We haven’t stayed in touch after this trip. I just know that she was studying in New Paltz/ NY for a year and that she must have briefly lived in New York for a few months during the summer. I have come across her blog just a few days ago. After reading through a few of her insightful and honest posts, I want to share her site and story with you.

Ups and Downs Katie - The Blog
Ups and Downs Katie – The Blog

Ups and Downs Katie
is a great approach to document how she deals with her mental breakdown and breakthrough. She writes on all the things that are going on in her life currently, such as medication, side effects, plans, a trip back to the US, and therapy.

This is one of the BEST BLOGS I’ve read this year and, although heart-breaking at times, makes me feel courage towards everyone going through a similar situation. Had I known what she is going through, perhaps I would have seen her life from a different angle.

Many hugs from New York, Katie!

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