Try Something New in 30 Days

I found this great video through Heather Goes to Deutschland‘s blog today and thought I’d share it with you and the rest of the blogosphere!

Matt Cutts: Try something new in 30 days

Isn’t it motivating? Makes me realize that you shall not and simply cannot take life for granted! Now all I have to do is think about which one of those quazillion things on my mind I want to try for the next 30 days…

What about you, fellow bloggers? Anything particular you have in mind? Let’s be adventurous together! And please share what you will be doing!

8 thoughts on “Try Something New in 30 Days

  1. i’m in! you know i love a good challenge. 🙂 and the photo challenges are not really challenges for me anymore. after a year and a half, they are simply an amazing part of my everyday life. which is awesome. so, onward and upward! thanks for the inspiration! now, i just need to decide when i’m gonna start and what i’m gonna do. hmm…

    i’ll keep you posted! xo

    • Thanks for your feedback, Liz! Can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Will you start on the first of May? I guess that would be a 31-day-challenge, though… 😉 You’re right, the picture challenges have become more part of your life than ever. Keep me posted!

  2. Oooo I think I’ve watched this before – when I was considering having a go at the NaNoWriMo (which didn’t happen due a hundred million things getting in the way that month…) Anyway, yes I like the idea. A lot!

    Maybe mine should be blog every day for 30 days – might make me reconnect again with the writing than just reading of blogs?

    I really do think SO much can happen in 30 days. The last three months have whirlwinded past with me doing and learning SO much new things, business, accounts, baking etc etc. What can the next 30 days hold – LOTS.

    So what for a challenge then? What kind of thing? Hmm… now to think?

    • Loved your blog post on this one! There really is no decision to be made here, Holly. You can do a challenge every 30 days. I believe that’s what Matt did – he talks about more than one challenge. The question is, which one do you start with, right?

  3. Inspiring! I’ll wash the floor now and then if Max will still be hanging outside with Grandma I will do exercises for my hurting spine. Time to move on!

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